Office 365 Integration

In this project we have worked together with CEOE-Tenerife to migrate their daily used tools to the cloud. Thus, they not only reduce costs of using company servers but they also improve the quality of the services offered to their partners and employees.


Santa Cruz de Tenerife


Office 365 Intelequia D-Minify


Business Situation

The Provincial Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (CEOE – Tenerife) is a continuously growing organization. The main problem they had in the organization was the dependence on physical servers and and their reliable performance. Apart from that they were constantly required to update their systems which assumed expenses. This requirement derives from the commitment to daily efficiency pursuing the goal of always offering the best solutions in the fastest way to their partners and employees. For these reasons of efficiency and organizational dynamism, CEOE-Tenerife opted for a new technology: Cloud Computing, and a technological partner experienced in this technology, Intelequia Software Solutions, S.L.

Provided Solution

The decision is made to move the messaging and teamwork systems to the cloud as an option that would allow them to provide the latest IT possibilities making improvements not only for their employees but also being reflected in the services provided to their partners. With Office 365 the needs for scalability, service guarantee, accessability and security are covered as well as having the advantage to move to an entirely predictable billing model.

Initial Situation

CEOE-TENERIFE offers a number of services and benefits to their partners like search for subsidies, support for occupational risk prevention, negotiation of agreements, training courses and workshops, Digital Newsletter, etc.

For CEOE Tenerife email (Microsoft Exchange), as for most companies, is vitally important as well as the continuous maintenance of the internal team portal (Sharepoint). For some time Microsoft Communications Server was already being used for corporate instant messaging, a tool that had become essential in the daily work. A file server with more than 150Gb of documents was also required to be maintained with a daily local backup as well as the documents stored in Sharepoint. The proposed solution was a migration of the on-premise systems (Exchange, Sharepoint y Communications Server) to Office 365 where the counterparts of these services are included in the cloud covering the needs of collaboration among employees with a high level of security and scalability.

On the other side it should also solve the problem of storing a huge volume of data in the cloud requiring a daily local copy of this data. Therefore, the Intelequia D-Minify module was deployed and configured, a tool that provides incremental synchronization of Sharepoint Online document libraries in Microsoft Azure storage - adding geo redundancy in two more data centers - as well as an incremental synchronization from Microsoft Azure to the on premise environment.

Business Benefits

Apart from a considerable cost reduction and the savings accounted by not having to pay for other systems like anti-spam, hardware, etc. further advantages were:

  • Efficiency: Cost reduction in hardware and energy resources, as a huge part of their infrastructure is part of the cloud.

  • Performance and accessability: The work performance was optimized as well as the accessability to the documents from any place.

  • Centralization: A single administrative panel allows the simple and centralized administration and provisioning of new and existing users.

  • Productivity: Email, web conferencing, instant messaging, document sharing and enterprise-class workflow, all designed to ensure seamless integration.

  • Reliability: The systems are hosted in redundant data centers of the latest generation, with a financial service level agreement of 99.9%.
  • Security: Microsoft Online Services run on a global network of data centers protected by multiple security layers and recommended operational procedures. All communications are encrypted by secure protocols.

  • Agility: Freeing valuable IT resources from routine tasks to focus on core business initiatives that can provide a real competitive advantage.

  • Flexibility: Dynamically adapting its deployment model to the needs of change and growth of the company and its partners.

  • Fast adaption: by continuing to use the same systems and applications the users were already used to.

  • Full search by incorporating legacy documents in Sharepoint Online that were stored on the file server.

For all of these benefits CEOE-Tenerife opted for the implementatoin of Office 365 (a package of productivity and online teamwork tools based on Microsoft cloud technologies) and Intelequia D-Minify (a solution to synchronize Sharepoint Online sites to Microsoft Azure and on-premise environments) as a future investment. Thus, they are prepared to continue growing and always guaranteeing the best quality in the offered services.