Microsoft Security Copilot: How does it help you protect your data?

Microsoft Security Copilot: How does it help you protect your data?


How to bring the power of the new generation of artificial intelligence to cybersecurity with Microsoft Security Copilot? We tell you about it!

In the digital era in which we live, the security of our data is essential. We are facing a situation in which there are more than 1287 password attacks per second and in which the number of attacks has increased by 67% over the last 5 years, making companies unable to have the necessary resources and experts to provide the coverage and protection required in this situation. For this reason, just a few weeks ago, the announcement of the presentation of Security Copilot has become a long-awaited news for the entire industry.

What is Microsoft Security Copilot? And how does it work?

Microsoft Security Copilot is an artificial intelligence assistant designed to help security teams protect their systems, data, infrastructure and networks. Built from billions of data signals, it uses machine learning (ML) technology and analytics to detect patterns and anomalies that can indicate all types of cyberthreats.

Accuracy in identifying, detecting and mitigattion suspicious behavior is critical to threat detection and mitigation, so Security Copilot will provide continuous access to the most advanced OpenAI models to provide the most accurate assistance in the most demanding tasks.One of the key features of this solution is that it is designed to strictly comply with the protection of the most comprehensive security and regulatory controls in the industry, based on Microsoft's responsible AI model, never to be used to train other AI models.


Representing Microsoft Security Copilot as an Incident Responder

What does Microsoft Security Copilot include?

Leveraging natural language processing (NLP) technology for data analysis, Security Copilot is able to dramatically increase the scope, speed during workflows and effectiveness of any security team, including the following features:

  • Behavioral analysis: This wizard uses machine learning to analyze the behavior of users and devices on the network. This helps identify patterns that may indicate a possible security threat.
  • Threat detection: Thanks to the power of data and ML, Security Copilot is able to detect security threats in real time allowing security teams to take preventive measures to protect the network.
  • Vulnerability scanning: Across the network providing recommendations to protect against them.
  • Incident investigation: It is able to synthesize any event, incident or threat and prepare the information in customizable reports for future prevention and predictability.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Security Copilot?

This new solution offers several benefits for security teams looking to protect their network and data 24x7. Some of these are:

  • Real-time protection: Through the use of AI, it can detect security threats in real time, allowing security teams to take immediate preventative action.
  • Increased efficiency: Automating workflows in many areas of security allows security teams to focus on more important tasks.
  • Deep data analysis: The tool uses data analytics and machine learning to provide detailed insight into network and security data.
  • Actionable recommendations: Security Copilot provides actionable security recommendations that enable security teams to make informed decisions on how to protect their network and data.

What types of threats can Microsoft Security Copilot detect?

Microsoft Security Copilot can detect a wide range of security threats, including malware, phishing, brute force attacks and more. To give us an idea, it is able to actively track more than 50 ransomware criminal gangs, more than 250 criminal organizations and more than 65 billion threats daily to inform security teams regardless of size about the attackers, their tactics, techniques or procedures.


Will it integrate with other security systems?

Yes, Security Copilot will provide specific integrations with other Microsoft security products, such as Microsoft Defender ATP and Microsoft Azure Sentinel, enabling you to gain greater visibility and control over security threats across your organization.

When will Microsoft Security Copilot be available?

It is currently in the private testing phase and there is no date set for its official launch.

As you can see, AI has come to become our best ally and if we are talking about protecting information security, all the better, because Microsoft Security Copilot will become an essential tool that will help security teams save time and resources in incident management in the face of the growing number of online threats. What do you think about it?

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