Why do you need HR software? Know its benefits
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  20 February 2024

HR software has become an essential solution for talent managers. Learn about its challenges and the benefits it brings them

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Automation in HR Management: Key to Greater Efficiency
Carolina César Piepenburg  |  16 February 2024

Discover how to improve efficiency in your organization's human resources management department.

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Keys to Customize and Optimize AI-based Chatbots
Pablo Suarez Romero  |  14 February 2024

In this article we explore several key concepts that influence the style and behavior of artificial intelligence tools applied to chatbots.

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How to Optimize Communication Using AI Models
Pablo Suarez Romero  |  06 February 2024

Discover in this article the keys to improve the quality of the answers obtained and the compatibility with AI models.

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When to use BDD VS TDD? Differences and Use Cases
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  19 January 2024

Discover the differences between BDD and TDD, how these software development approaches improve efficiency on every project and when to use them.

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What is the OpenAI GPT Store? Get to know the innovative AI marketplace
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  11 January 2024

Discover OpenAI's GPT Store, a revolutionary marketplace for creating, sharing and monetizing customized artificial intelligence applications.

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How to Develop AI Models in Less Time
Carolina César Piepenburg  |  05 January 2024

Discover how to create artificial intelligence models in less time with Azure Cloud Platform and Azure Machine Learning

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Chatbot, a Must for a Unique Tourist Experience
Aitor Berjano González  |  14 November 2023

Chatbots have established themselves as essential tools in the tourism sector, providing a unique and personalized experience to tourists. Discover here all their benefits.

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How to boost your company's competitiveness with Power Platform
Aurora Cabezas González  |  13 November 2023

Power Platform has become a highly versatile solution to improve business efficiency and competitiveness. Do you know how? We tell you

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Mixed Reality: Key to process optimization in Industry 4.0
Michael Noguera Middleton  |  08 November 2023

Discover how mixed reality is revolutionizing the industrial sector, improving training, maintenance and remote collaboration.

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What role does a SOC service play in business efficiency?
Aitor Berjano González  |  07 November 2023

SOC services have become an efficient solution for data protection, security and ensuring business operations.

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AI, the New Ally of Cybersecurity
César Asin Mogica  |  06 November 2023

Learn here the latest advances in artificial intelligence in the field of cybersecurity that we met at the Madrid Tech Show.

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