Transform your data into valuable information for your business

Transform your data into valuable information for your business

Stop being reactive and be proactive in decision making. Our business intelligence services are designed to give you a competitive advantage over the knowledge and operation of your business in real time 24x7, allowing you to implement governance, storage and analysis policies that give you absolute control over the power of data in cloud, on Premise or hybrid environments.

In addition, thanks to the use of solutions based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive services or NPL (Natural Language Processing), they become one of the most demanded requirements by business intelligence analysts for their ability to understand, analyze and learn from multiple heterogeneous information sources.

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What do we do at Intelequia?

Let your analysts focus only on the important tasks. Connect all your data from multiple data sources through automation flows into a single custom dashboard with Power BI or Power BI Embedded to extract maximum value.



We take care of designing a centralized information center so that you can take advantage of all the power of AI for the treatment of your data, image recognition, language recognition and natural language processing through the most advanced techniques of Big Data, Machine Learning, Cognitive Services and NPL (Natural Language Processing) taking advantage of the integration of multiple sources of information in applications, bots and IoT.

We create customized AI-based machine learning solutions and models that allow you to better understand your customers' needs in order to offer them customized products based on their needs. 

We specialize in the design and creation of customized chatbots based on artificial intelligence. We provide our bots with predictive capabilities allowing them to integrate with other voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa and even with the most popular messaging apps and social networks

Power BI the best ally of data

With Power BI, they can visualize data wherever they are, whether in the cloud or on-premises, including big data sources such as Hadoop and Spark. They will save time by compiling multiple data sources into a single, personalized dashboard in a fully interactive way to perform in-depth analysis and find patterns they would otherwise miss.

The ease of implementation and its low cost compared to other tools on the market, greatly simplifies administration. In addition, the security training that can be established to define roles and permissions for viewing or detecting anomalies make Power BI the perfect ally.

With Power BI Embedded capabilities in Azure, the API set makes it easy to insert analytics and interactive visualization from any device. With Microsoft Data Platform they can unify the experience across platforms and bring machine learning to database engines to perform predictive modeling faster without having to change code during migration.

Leveraging Power BI is beneficial for multiple industries. For example, retailers can visualize all the information shared by their customers, insurance companies can collect information about their policy sales, claims, coverage, etc. or for example, telecom companies can analyze the factors that contribute to customer migration.

Why centralize your business intelligence?

We optimize your analysis strategy by leveraging Power BI Embedded technology to create customized reports that are integrated with your own applications, portals and that allow you to work under a friendly, interactive and dynamic interface

We develop BI portals with Open Source technology to reduce licensing costs and third party dependencies

You decide your growth and resource consumption. You can adapt your consumption according to your needs at any time.

We custom design the BI portals and user interface according to the client's needs in order to enjoy visualizations adapted to each business, including log analysis (Application Insights)

You will work with a high availability portal achieving 99.95% of your service level agreement.

It includes native integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office 365 and other standalone applications and supports modular development to include new features such as extensions and plugins.

In order to ensure security management, different user roles will be managed, customers will log in via Azure AD B2C, with options to use MFA (Multifactor Authentication).

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