Bringing tourism back to intelligent models

Bringing tourism back to intelligent models

At Intelequia we are specialized in collaborating with the main tourism agents worldwide from the prism of technology and innovation. We are aware of the paradigm that involves for many companies in the sector, the integration of new digital strategies focused on improving the customer experience. 

Technologies such as Big Data, AI or IOT or Internet of Things are revolutionizing the strategic models within the industry, sometimes the best competitive advantage is to know how to collect and interpret the unlimited number of data provided by our customers in order to offer a much more personalized offer. That is why it is of vital importance to know how to adapt our communication and services to the new profiles of hyper-connected travelers, while promoting a more sustainable, profitable and intelligent tourism.  

Therefore, we will show you how important it can be for your company to reinvent models and strategies towards technological optimization. 


Do you do Smart Tourism?  

Do you have the ability to connect with your customer throughout their journey? Maintaining a constant interaction with our users is of vital importance to guarantee a pleasant customer experience and to achieve their loyalty towards our brand.  

Redirect your strategies towards smarter models connected to data and technology, provide global solutions in a more connected world.  

Virtual assistants are a perfect example with which to describe how hotels are knowing how to go further in their interaction with customers, allowing them to provide omnichannel support, fast and innovative while allowing them to collect endless data and information on the preferences of guests to ensure their subsequent loyalty. 


Do you need a virtual assistant?
All your AI and IoT data in one place and in real time with POWER BI
How do you manage your relationship with your customers?

How do you manage your relationship with your customers?

Working with the right software will allow you to strengthen the relationship with your customers while you get a 360º view of your entire business. Solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365, is much more than a CRM and ERP, it will allow you to have full control by leveraging its portfolio of intelligent applications on all areas of your business: from booking engines, commercial department, relationship with suppliers; integrations with PMS or financial back office. 

Revolutionize connectivity with your customers through marketing and sales dashboards. Redesign new digital sales systems and create personalized paths for all points of contact in any channel and even configure your after-sales services to offer a comprehensive experience and foster loyalty. 

You will be able to incorporate the applications you need at any time, grow in a scalable way to the evolution of your business while reducing your costs, paying only for what you use. 

How do you manage the performance of your activity?

Take advantage of the full potential of tools such as Power BI to measure your performance indicators in real time. Connect the database of your PMS, reservation management or CRM to get interactive dashboards on all the metrics of your activity in an intuitive way. Access from any device and don't miss a thing about what's happening in your business. 

In addition, you can integrate your dashboard with any industry data source through the API connectors so you do not miss any detail about your performance and you can even collect data and information about your IoT systems, data as images (cameras or social networks ....) or data as texts (mentions in social networks, blogs, newspapers...). 

SmartHotels are changing the way they connect with their guests Do you know how?

Is your business technologically optimized? 

What can a technology consulting firm do for me? 

1. Adding value  

We know firsthand what customers value and we adapt solutions to the personality of each tourist service.

2. Be at the forefront of technology 

We guarantee our customers the highest quality and the integration of the most advanced technological solutions in the market, ensuring the highest level of profitability.

3. Business Intelligence

We will define the perfect customer journey so that you can connect with your users at all times, before, during and after their activity. 

Do you want more information?

Integrate multichannel, fast and innovative support while collecting a wealth of data and user preferences.

Strengthen your relationship with your customers and suppliers while gaining a 360º view of your entire business. 


Connect the database of your PMS, reservation management or CRM to get interactive dashboards on all your activity metrics in an intuitive way.