Leveraging the power of Azure 

Leveraging the power of Azure 

The new economies of scale in the cloud based on the analysis of big data as an empowering vehicle for telecommunications organizations, have enabled major advances in the development of new communication technologies, such as Edge Computing or the implementation of 5G. 

However, not all organizations in the sector have the capacity to anticipate and optimize the use and exploitation of the advantages that Microsoft Azure can provide to IT departments.  

That is why, from Intelequia we offer companies in the technology and telco sector all our know-how for the optimization of its operational activity in the cloud, application modernization, AI, Machine Learning and hybrid infrastructure implementations that will provide the necessary agility to increase your business and technological competitiveness. 

Leverage the power that Microsoft Azure can bring to your infrastructure

Don't overload your IT departments  

We offer you our managed services in Azure so you do not have to overload your IT departments and you can get the most out of your cloud solutions and applications. 

Our team of experts will provide you with 24/7 comprehensive coverage aimed at:  

  • Monitoring of your deployed services.
  • Control over your deployed virtual machines
  • Technical support
  • Incident response  
  • Advice for the optimization and security of your infrastructure. 
A 360º view of your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365   

A 360º view of your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365   

Get a real-time view of all your business areas with Dynamics 365, your comprehensive management platform in the cloud.  

The constant changes in the telecommunications sector in recent years as a result of technological change, customer demands and the massive management of data in silos, have led more and more companies to rely on implementing holistic solutions capable of addressing all the challenges of the sector. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for efficient management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for efficient management

The management of disconnected processes, poor visibility of project performance or increased costs caused by lack of traceability, are some of the main causes that directors and managers of many companies in the sector demand us as their main problems. 

Having a tool like Dynamics 365 will allow you to respond quickly to the operational management of your organization, customer relations and increase the profitability of your business. Its portfolio of intelligent applications will allow telecommunications companies to be more efficient in managing their operational projects, financial services and sales processes. 

Want to get more out of your web platform? 

Want to get more out of your web platform? 

At Intelequia we are experts in the development of websites and web applications based on DNN, the most widespread open source platform in the world.

Take advantage of all the benefits and advanced features of working in Azure, Microsoft's cloud with which you can have unlimited storage capacity, scalability and customization of your features. 

In addition, you can use for unlimited time our test environments in the cloud with Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines without having to invest in assets.