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Extending Azure capabilities into DNN
Rubén Pérez  |  30 July 2021

Bring out the full potential of your web applications in a customized way thanks to the capacity of Azure and DNN. At the deployment or security level.

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What is the difference between an ERP and a CRM?
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  22 July 2021

What are the differences between a CRM and an ERP? Which one is better for me? What are the advantages? We will tell you all this and much more 

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Windows 365 Cloud PC what is it and what are its advantages?
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  15 July 2021

Let's discover Microsoft's new cloud service with Windows 365 for businesses. What are its advantages and main features? 

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Types of business backups
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  06 July 2021

Learn about the different types of backups for companies and what criteria to take into account to choose the most suitable for your needs.

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La revolución del Edge Computing, 5G y Fog Computing
Intelequia  |  28 June 2021

Conoce cómo el Edge Computing, Fog Computing y las tecnologías 5G, están revolucionando la forma en que nos conectamos a la red. 

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Qué es un middleware y para qué sirve:
Intelequia  |  28 June 2021

Un middleware es un software que se sitúa entre un sistema operativo y las aplicaciones que se ejecutan en él. Asiste a una aplicación para interactuar o comunicarse con otras aplicaciones

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WORKAROUND: AD0001 Analyzer 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Analyzers.TopLevelParameterNameAnalyzer' threw an exception
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  12 May 2021

Hello folks! This is just a quick blog post to show a workaround to (couldn't comment there because the msftbot locked the issue as resolved and limited the conversation to collaborators). I'm currently building a .NET 5 WebAPI project, that references Application Insights between other dependencies, causing that when building the project I'm getting a lot errors like the one below:

CSC : warning AD0001: Analyzer 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Analyzers.TopLevelParameterNameAnalyzer' threw an exception of type 'System.NullReferenceException' with message 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.'.


As described in the GitHub thread, the cause is because we are mixing dependencies of 5.0 and 2.2 core versions.

The proposed workaround in the thread is to completely disable the Code Analysis, but I wanted to find a less dramatic approach.


When checking the rules on the Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Analyzers, found just these 5 rules on the 2.2 assembly:

My approach was to just try disable these rules and allow all the others to run. But surprise, when testing disabling the rules, seems that the one causing the "TopLevelParameterNameAnalyzer" exception was the MVC1004.

Here is the quick workaround:

  1. Add a new item to the WebAPI project
  2. In the search box add "editorconfig" and then select the "editorconfig File (.NET)". Use the ".editorconfig" as name for the file
  3. Under the [*.{cs,vb}] section, add the rule "dotnet_diagnostic.MVC1004.severity = none" to disable this rule, and save the file

  4. Build the project and voilà, problem solved! I continue getting other code analysis warnings, but not this one.

Hope this helps!

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Cómo subir un proyecto a un repositorio de GitHub
Intelequia  |  27 April 2021

Descubre cómo puedes subir tu  proyecto en la plataforma para desarrolladores GitHub y vincular tus cargas desde Visual Studio Code

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La importancia de Kubernetes para los desarrolladores
Intelequia  |  16 April 2021

¿Qué es y Cómo funciona Kubernetes? Te explicamos con todo detalle las funcionalidades de uno de los gestores de software más populares

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Por qué usar una intranet corporativa
Redaccion  |  29 January 2021

Descubre aquí ⬆️ qué es una intranet corporativa y por qué la usan las empresas. ✅ ¡Este tipo de redes internas mejoran la organización de los negocios!

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¿En qué consiste un Data Lake y para qué sirve?
Redaccion  |  28 January 2021

Conoce aquí ⬆️ qué es un Data Lake, un repositorio que contiene gran cantidad de datos brutos que se almacenan hasta que es necesario. ✅ 

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Mejores herramientas DevOps
Redaccion  |  27 January 2021

Descubre aquí ⬆️ las mejores herramientas DevOps que existen en el mercado. ✅ ¡Comienza a pensar cuál es la mejor para tu equipo y organización!

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