Accelerate your journey to the cloud

Ensuring business continuity and securing all workloads has become one of the main challenges for CIOs and CISOs in recent years, requiring solutions that allow them to be resilient to change.

Migration to the cloud and application modernization have taken a very important role in the digital ecosystem as a result of teleworking, bringing multiple benefits to companies in terms of cost reduction, flexibility and performance improvement.

Therefore, having an optimal migration strategy is for many organizations the way to stay competitive in the market.

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Accelerate your journey to the cloud
What are the benefits of migrating to the cloud?

What are the benefits of migrating to the cloud?

  • Cost optimization: By not depending on physical infrastructure, there are significant cost savings in equipment, maintenance and real estate.
  • Flexibility and High Availability: Achieving superior performance by executing workloads close to the region in which it operates.
  • Scalability: Being able to obtain the computing resources required at any given time. Deploy, decrease or increase when you want, paying only for its use.
  • Multicloud Services: Being able to have support services between different cloud providers (Google Cloud, AWS...) so as not to lose operability.
  • Security: The protection of data and applications as well as the backups available in the cloud services automatically guarantee business continuity.
  • CaPEX and OpEX: Reallocate your capital expenditures (CapEX) to operating expenses (OpEX) to increase the impact on your EBITDA and optimize your financial flexibility

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What are our Infrastructure services?

We evaluate your organization's IT infrastructure needs to define the best strategic planning and deployment in the migration phases, optimizing the total cost of ownership, IT resources expense management and storage in public, private and hybrid clouds.

We take care of all the design, development, migration and operation processes for your organization's applications, platforms and data in public, private and hybrid cloud environments, as well as providing all the support your company needs.

We provide you with the best solutions in the market so that your infrastructure and data processing are operated in the most efficient way and you have a global operational view of all data creation, processing and consumption in real time.

Ensure the productivity and operability of your work teams by providing them with VDI solutions that allow them to continue working remotely with solutions such as Azure Virtual Deskop or Citrix Virtual Apps from which they can work in a secure and controlled environment in a collaborative manner

IT security is paramount

IT security is paramount

From the first minute, our team will work with you to ensure that the migration process runs smoothly and orderly, minimizing the number of interruptions and ensuring that all security and governance processes during each stage of the project have the maximum coverage for the peace of mind of our customers in order to prevent security risks or failures.

We provide you with the most cutting-edge solutions in Backup, Firewall, SIEM XDR, Identity Management and Regulatory Compliance services so that all your data and corporate information is secure

We optimize your migration strategy

We optimize your migration strategy

We work with the most cutting-edge strategies, such as Lift&Shift (IaaS) without the need to make changes to the code, or with Optimized Migration Strategies with which migrating workloads to their optimal size will allow you to gain in elasticity and scalability without risking the performance of the applications. 

Whichever you choose, our IT department will always offer you the best solutions that can simplify and improve your migration process to the cloud with maximum security. 

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