Choose the most widespread .Net CMS 

DNN Platform is the most widespread Open Source .Net web content management system (CMS) with more than 800,000 websites worldwide. 

Easily create your online store with DNN, a comprehensive solution for companies of any sector that want to integrate an electronic sales service, manage their online business or expand their sales channel. 

Lead your business sales with DNN 

Lead your business sales with DNN 

Your website is the extension of your business to the online world. Connect with your potential customers thanks to the most widespread Open Source .Net technology, customizing your site to the needs of your customers. Easily manage your web content and integrate hundreds of modules and skins to optimize the user experience. 

DNN is the ideal solution for marketing departments. You will have a tool ready to increase the user experience, lead acquisition and integrates advanced configurations to improve SEO positioning.  

Its online community makes it one of the most powerful branding communities in the market, allowing thousands of users to share their developments and materials to be reused in hundreds of websites.

Works with the most widespread Open Source .NET CMS

Advantages of working with DNN websites:  

Responsive websites:

You will have an optimized experience for all types of devices.

Advanced Analytics:

Get performance reports on all your pages. Traffic sources, visitors, average time on page and much more...   

SEO optimization:

You will get a wide range of functionalities to optimize all your contents, from redirection management to canonical tag inclusion. 

Web performance tools:

Keep your site performance under control, integrate module and page caching compressions, eliminate slow page loads... etc. 

Integration with social networks:

Connect all your content with social networks allowing your followers to share and thus expand your diffusion. 

Online community:

Easily integrate modules and solutions developed by the entire community to increase the interaction of your visitors. 


DNN provides developers with a framework in which they can implement customized developments compatible with all versions.


DNN software has passed numerous scans and vulnerability tests against cyber threats from government agencies and financial institutions.  

Find hundreds of free and commercial in the DNN store.
Easily integrate DNN with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Easily integrate DNN with Microsoft Dynamics 365

We facilitate the integration of your e-commerce in DNN with Dynamics 365 adapting it to your needs. You will be able to synchronize your online orders with your ERP as well as automate all your business processes and data sharing.   

Streamline your order processing by quickly accessing a wide variety of information about your accounts, such as order history and shipping options for each of your customers.  

You will be able to track all of your users' behavior on the website in real time and set up personalized paths for sending commercial or loyalty communications. 

Optimize your workflows

Optimize your workflows

Create workflows with DNN through APIs, with which you can automate the login of your users and the modification of their information in the CRM related to your support requests or contact data, the capture of leads and the automation of your sales orders to work with Dynamics 365.

Workflows with Dynamics 365, will allow you to synchronize your Dynamics 365 products and services in your DNN pages, data integration in price or fulfillment categories, inventory and stock quantifications as well as the export of all your billing records.  

The security of working with these platforms is another essential aspect, being able to assign access roles to control the content of users from the CRM itself. 

Your e-commerce in the Microsoft cloud

Your e-commerce in the Microsoft cloud

Dnn is connected to Azure, Microsoft's public cloud, allowing you to enjoy numerous adaptations and modules with which to get the best performance from your website, such as: 

  • Authentication with Azure AD and Azure AD B2C: For the management and access of the identities of our users.
  • DNN Drive: The DNN extension with which to access all multimedia content from any mobile device.
  • Redis Cache Provider: Improve the speed of your site by enabling high-performance architectures to control millions of requests per second.
  • Application Insights: Provide your development team with an application to monitor request rates, response times and errors on your website.
  • Azure App Service: Forget about managing infrastructure, easily create and host web applications, mobile back-ends and RESTful APIs in the programming language of your choice. 

The best technological solutions for your e-commerce

Expand your business by creating your own online store with DNN to easily manage all your orders.

Create all types of projects in the cloud in an integrated way with easy development, management and deployment of your applications worldwide.


Easily integrate your website with Dynamis 365. You will get a centralized management platform for your entire business.