Technology to add value to the logistics sector

The new digital economy has revolutionized today's distribution industry, which is why it is becoming increasingly necessary to integrate cutting-edge technologies adapted to the current needs of the sector. In fact, all those organizations dedicated to supply, logistics and transportation have been forced to introduce new digital strategies from the creation of agile processes and data-driven information, with which to compete in an increasingly globalized market at the level of costs, efficiency and operability.

The sector must face the new digital scheme that has affected traditional supply chains, as well as the expectations that suppliers and customers expect from their service. New distribution challenges arise with the user, such as last mile management, disintermediation or regulatory implications, requiring the integration of cutting-edge technology to meet their needs. 

Classify, separate and extract all your documentation securely, conveniently and in the cloud. The manual processing of files, invoices or delivery receipts is a brake on the efficiency of companies in the sector, in addition to putting the security of your data and customer information at constant risk.

More than 200 products with which to integrate artificial intelligence solutions, IoT or ad hoc application development, to meet the needs of your organization and your users in their daily operations remotely.

You will be able to obtain real-time information on all your operations and incoming and outgoing asset management, vehicle status monitoring or communication with your road crew. 

We understand first-hand how important it is for all industry players to optimize their end-to-end supply chains. That is why we offer the best cybersecurity solutions:  

  • Red Team Services
  • Cloud Security
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • SOC as a Service
  • SIEM
  • Firewall 

Monitor all your logistics processes, monitor interactive reports, including maps and key indicators on your Power BI performance dashboards, from any place or device in a comfortable and always connected way with Azure.