At Intelequia we specialize in cybersecurity services aimed at protecting your information and preventing threats aimed at all types of organizations regardless of their level of maturity. We provide our clients with the best tools and solutions to ensure their cloud security perimeter, objectives and procedures.  

We will provide you with a complete analysis of your infrastructure, systems and work methodologies, in order to define the most appropriate mechanisms to ensure the security of your data.  


RedTeam Services are designed to offer you a 360° analysis of your vulnerabilities. We will put ourselves in the shoes of a cybercriminal to simulate all the weak points of your system and thus define the actions and prevention measures necessary to guarantee the security of your information and that of all the members of your team. 

You will have your own Security Operations Center. You'll have 24/7 monitoring, protection and automated response, including security advice from expert analysts working with the most advanced SIEM and XDR technology to defend against threats

Governance is a priority during any process of technical implementation, architecture or definition of policies aimed at controlling access and protecting resources in order to avoid any security breach over time. This is why our team will accompany you throughout this process to ensure that your information remains safe from any attack.

What do our services include?

There are always risks of a cybersecurity incident. That is why we help you design action plans and contingency plans that will help you prevent these situations: Denials of service, malware infection, loss of information....

We provide you with the best solutions that allow you to be able to shield the administration, access control and protection of your corporate data in a centralized way through the application of policies and security roles at any level (Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Intune...).

Adopt a new zero trust security model capable of effectively adapting to a hybrid work environment and capable of shielding the protection of people, devices, applications and corporate infrastructure.

We rely on solutions that collect, detect and respond intelligently against cyber threats (SIEM, SOAR), manage access to your resources and discover your Shadow IT (CASB) as well as automate any governance decisions.

What does an SOC service include?

What does an SOC service include?

Vulnerability Detection and Management
Our SOC is configured to detect and manage security breaches through an early warning service thanks to real-time monitoring.  

Managed Security Services
Their objective is the administration and monitoring of infrastructure security. We will collect all relevant information for incident management and subsequent decision making.  

Brand Monitoring
Based on the monitoring of relevant information on the Internet associated with the brand in terms of phishing, malware or other threats. 

Application Security
Detection of vulnerabilities in the source code, with the objective of recognizing technologies involved in its application. 

Email Protection 
Detection and scanning of corporate email for leaks or security threats, derived from employees' internet browsing.  

Specialized in Cloud Security 
Our range of solutions and services are designed to generate a totally secure development and application environment thanks to the deployment in the cloud; where we can provide guarantees on the secure management with client and correct measurement of results

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What does our RedTeam service include?

The Intrusion Tests are part of a RedTeam service and consist of performing a specific analysis on the assets of your organization, in order to know those vulnerabilities associated with a particular process, (as if it were a cybercriminal who was carrying out the attack). 

First of all, we will perform a complete security audit to know the scope of exploitation by these cybercriminals and we will work on 5 main areas: 

1. Gathering publicly available information 2. 
2. Scanning your entire network 
3. Analysis of operating system profiles and service profiles. 
4. identification of potential system vulnerabilities 
5. Validation and Exploitation of these vulnerabilities. 

Why trust Intelequia?

Since our beginnings in the cloud, we have demonstrated a commitment to provide a service oriented to meet the highest standards of information security to ensure the business continuity of all our customers by protecting people, data and infrastructure.

As a result of our constant focus on information protection and cyber threat prevention, Intelequia has been ranked in 2022 as one of the top 3 global security partners in the Microsoft Partner of the Year 2022 awards, in addition to continuing to renew our competencies, specializations and certifications such as ISO 27001. 

Our capabilities include exhaustive analysis (out of the box) from early stages, up to the propagation through internal networks that affect business operations. Likewise, our team is OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) certified, accrediting them with the best competencies in Ethical Hacking among others.

Why trust Intelequia?