Solutions adapted to each type of organization

Solutions adapted to each type of organization

At Intelequia we are experts in providing companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors with technological solutions that optimize the performance of their business models while shielding the security of their data and information.

We understand the challenges faced by both sectors as we have more than 12 years of experience in the development, implementation and maintenance of tools and applications that meet the needs of our customers in the health sector. 

Our range of IT solutions are aimed at boosting the efficiency of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies and organizations. Our main objective is to modernize their services or applications so that they can offer an optimal and personalized attention to their users

Our Technological solutions for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Sector:   

Provide your work teams with efficient tools with which to improve decision making about your activity. Power BI is one of the most demanded solutions in the industry with which you can have intelligent dashboards on the performance of your applications, records and revenue. 

Protect your sensitive data and information from malicious attacks by identifying security breaches on your systems. We provide you with the precise technology and assistance to block any breach that may affect your healthcare facility or pharmacy. 

Our development department will provide you with software solutions bespoked to your needs to improve the operational efficiency of your work teams, allowing you to gain in agility, productivity and resolution thanks to technology. 

Automate communication flows with your patients and users. Get a solution to reduce the workload of your appointment or customer service departments through chatbot technology

Increase your operational flexibility and that of your IT teams by moving your environments to the cloud. You will work under a SaaS model adapted to your needs to optimize your resources, costs and increase the security of your information. 

We perform customized training aimed at all types of profiles to get the most out of your applications in Microsoft 365 and Azure. More than 30 certifications as Microsoft Certified Trainer endorse the know-how of our experts. 

Our Time & Attendance app is the most advanced app for shift management.

Improving your care efficiency with POWER BI

Improving your care efficiency with POWER BI

Working with a solution such as Microsoft Power BI will allow your teams to be more efficient in decision making thanks to an intelligent and interactive analysis of data in real time.  

In many cases, healthcare or pharmaceutical centers continue to use traditional analytics systems that do not allow them to detect early warnings and trends in the behavior of their patients and users in an agile way. Power BI allows to analyze the performance of any area of the organization through customized dashboards that detect through an interactive platform the changes, anomalies and behavioral predictions of our activity to be more efficient.

Data and metrics play a very important role in the daily resolution of a clinic or other business areas, allowing you to increase the efficiency of your attention to patients, users, stock or response times. 

Integrate your SAP with Power BI for greater insight into your data

You will be able to easily connect your SAP with Microsoft Power BI to visualize all your data and obtain reports.

You will have a unified data platform with which to control all your stock, process complex queries and add value to your teams' operations.

Do you need customized solutions?

Optimize your processes with Virtual Assistants

Optimize your processes with Virtual Assistants

At Intelequia we provide you with virtual assistance tools to increase the efficiency of your communication processes inside and outside your organization. 

We have experience in the development of virtual assistants focused on the transmission of knowledge within companies with which to automate the flow of information between different departments and levels in a delocalized way.  

You will be able to integrate your communications with Microsoft Teams to maximize your productive experience at the same time that you get a solid conversational solution in a centralized and intelligent way, being able to fully customize the interface and content of the chatbot.  

Free your departments from unnecessary workloads by being able to configure your on-boarding communications, training or informational processes through a chatbot that provides the answers and solutions to all work teams. 


What direct benefits will it bring you?  

  • Reducing response times. Streamlining your responses in real time  
  • Improve employee service and user experience. 24/7 operability without dependence on personnel.
  • Optimize your processes.  Save costs and time, focus the attention of your teams on productive tasks. 

 Increase your productivity with Virtual Desktops

Equipping your work teams with Virtual Desktops will increase their productivity and performance from any place and location. You will have all your environment and applications as if you were working physically.  

Virtual Desktops in Azure are a highly recommended option for all those clinics or pharmacies that want to provide their staff with a solution that allows them to continue their activity outside their workplace with total comfort and security, being able to manage their appointments, run applications remotely and collaborate with their colleagues. 

 Increase your productivity with Virtual Desktops