Redefining the energy future 

Cutting-edge technologies at the service of sustainability. Redefine your organization's energy revolution and improve your operational efficiency by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, cloud and IoT technologies while improving the management, productivity and innovation of your work teams in a sustainable way. 

One of the great challenges of the energy sector is the search for environmentally sustainable processes, however, it is not possible to make productive improvements without investing in technologies and internal digitalization processes that have an impact on the efficiency of the management model. 

Will you be able to lead the technological vanguard in your sector? 

Solutions at your service:  

Centralize all your business intelligence working with BI Portals, one of the best tools on the market to centralize the performance of your activity, and combine it with AI to achieve predictive models. 

Azure as Microsoft's public cloud, has one of the best services in protection and integrated security, in addition to including the most complete compliance portfolio with which to address all industry challenges. 

Azure virtual desktops are the perfect tool to work with your entire Windows 10 desktop and applications from anywhere and with any device.  

Azure solutions enable synchronization and connection between all your solutions, allowing you to automate, for example, information from your Power BI smart dashboards with Microsoft Teams in real time.

Betting on a SIEM, will allow you to centralize the security of all your networks intelligently from a single tool with Azure Sentinel, having an event management solution with automated response in real time.

We provide you with managed services on all Azure solutions so that you do not have to worry about their management, only about what is most important, your activity. 

Why invest in Azure for the energy sector?  

Azure will allow you to implement innovative solutions for your organization in the cloud. Build a future of optimized energy management to transform all your services and operations.  

Upgrade your energy network, using technology to power your distributed energy resources, device controls and predictive forecasting. Take advantage of AI with Azure Machine Learning in all your operations to have a comprehensive and scalable platform to which you can integrate APIs with which to create intelligent applications bespoked to your needs. 

Working with Azure in the energy sector, you can boost the productivity and safety of your work teams in an automated way.  In addition, taking advantage of Azure virtual desktops, you can manage all your projects wherever you are, as if you were working with a physical desktop. 


Why invest in Azure for the energy sector?  
Protect your devices, applications, data and workloads in the cloud with a SIEM system.

Add value to your energy data with BI Portals

Energy demand and the generation of large amounts of massive data have become the main challenges faced by all companies in the sector. Therefore, the implementation of analysis tools such as Power BI, allows to integrate in a unified way the collection and analysis of data from different applications, software services and connectors to improve the business intelligence of organizations.  

Power BI is an intelligent solution to work with all the BIG Data generated by your industry, having a dashboard that allows you to analyze historical data on energy consumption, as well as the generation and associated cuts, in addition to tracking and monitoring its use to forecast predictive indicators related to the failure of processes. 


Advantages of Power BI

Advantages of Power BI

1.Information of Value. With which to make better decisions and obtain better results.

2.Optimized management of your master data. Manage, centralize, organize and categorize all your information.

3.Governance over your data. Centralize the administration of all your energy data to make better decisions.

 4.Data transparency. With which you can guarantee your regulatory compliance.

Free up the workload in your IT departments with our managed services

Cybersecurity for the energy sector 

Cybersecurity for the energy sector 

Implement cybersecurity best practices with operational technology. Help protect your organization against external threats against numerous adversaries that try to attack your systems and energy services.  

Protect all your devices, identities, applications; data and workloads in the cloud with SIEM software like Azure Sentinel, you will have a solution that applies AI for real-time detection and alerts against cyber threats to your organization, and further strengthen your protection with Microsoft 365 Defender and Azure Defender to shield your operational work environment in the cloud against modern and sophisticated attacks. 

In addition, integrating multi-factor authentication (MFA) for role management and security permissions will significantly reduce attacks against your data and information resulting from password theft.  

Free up the workload of your IT department

In Intelequia we offer you our managed services in Azure with which you can release the workload of your IT teams and thus get the most out of your operations.  

We take care of monitoring, control and continuous support on all your workloads with Azure, always offering a 24/7 response to any incident.  


Recopilamos, detectamos, investigamos y respondemos de un modo inteligente y eficaz contra las ciberamenazas de forma anticipada 

Create all types of cloud projects in an integrated way with easy development, management and deployment of your applications worldwide. 

Take advantage of our Cloud Computing solutions to free up the workload in your IT departments.