Directed towards industry 5.0:

Directed towards industry 5.0:

In recent years, SMEs and large organizations in the metallurgical sector have required cutting-edge technology to face the new paradigms of the sector, such as the digitalization of their processes, business models and the sustainability of their activity in an increasingly globalized market. 

The main current challenges for companies in the sector are aimed at knowing how to provide solutions that allow them to gain in competitiveness, predictive capacity and adaptability to the current needs of a global model that is moving towards an industry 5.0 based on a sustainable and resilient economy of the environment and even of its workers.

That is why our team of experts is able to provide the appropriate technologies in cybersecurity, AI, Big Data with which to provide value and capacity to meet the current and future needs of the metallurgical industry.


How can we add value?

Take advantage of the benefits that AI and Machine Learning in Azure can provide to your organization, on predictive maintenance of your machinery, facilities and operations optimization. You will be able to reduce personal supervision in your business processes while automating the analysis of your performance. 

We provide intelligent technology such as Power BI with which you can perform analysis on the performance of your activity interactively and adapted to any application to optimize the energy expenditure of your organization in addition to reducing costs. . 

We help you implement automated solutions to optimize your conversational processes inside and outside the organization, regardless of the location of your work teams or customers. Supported by iterative learning bot technology, we can configure a virtual assistant to improve the efficiency of your communications. 

Working with cloud solutions in Azure will allow us to gain flexibility, security and resilience to any organizational challenge while reducing costs, workload in your IT departments and allow us to accelerate innovation in your industry. 


Optimize your workloads with Azure High Performance Computing HPC

AZURE-based technology for industry challenges

Many companies in the metals industry already rely on Azure to digitize their processes and simplify their workloads to modernize their smart manufacturing processes. 

Take advantage of the benefits that the introduction of Azure High Performance Computing (HPC) can bring to your organization.  You will have a full range of process, network and storage resources integrated for the optimization of your workloads and applications allowing you to obtain a dynamic scaling with which to adapt the size of the infrastructure to your operational needs. 

1) Performance optimizations to reduce the time to complete your workloads from days to minutes and improve your cost control performance with the full range of CPU, GPU, FPGA and fast interconnect features. 

2) Production-ready platform. Adapted to the regulatory compliance of HPC solutions with maximum guarantees for the security of your data. 

3) Increase your agility. You will have full control over your workflows, being able to create and manage HPC clusters to ensure a complete lifecycle of your applications in the cloud. 

4) Artificial Intelligence Integration.  You will be able to implement and introduce AI models with automated learning to optimize your processing resources in the cloud in a scalable way under integrated DevOps methodology.  

Modernize your processes towards smart production by leveraging Azure solutions. Reduce physical dependency for maintenance and overhaul of your machinery, gain agility, save on costs and increase the efficiency of your supply chains. 

Harness the power of data and improve your production performance by integrating solutions with machine learning AI allowing you to improve the efficiency of your services to provide solutions with greater value to your customers and gain in competitiveness.

Do you need customized solutions?

Optimize your processes with Virtual Assistants

Optimize your processes with Virtual Assistants

At Intelequia we provide you with virtual assistance tools to increase the efficiency of your communication processes inside and outside your organization. 

We have experience in the development of virtual assistants focused on the transmission of knowledge within companies with which to automate the flow of information between different departments and levels in a delocalized way.  

You will be able to integrate your communications with Microsoft Teams to maximize your productive experience at the same time that you get a solid conversational solution in a centralized and intelligent way, being able to fully customize the interface and content of the chatbot.  

Free your departments from unnecessary workloads by being able to configure your on-boarding communications, training or informational processes through a chatbot that provides the answers and solutions to all work teams. 

What direct benefits will it bring you?  

-Reducing response times. Streamlining your responses in real time  
-Improve employee service and user experience. 24/7 operability without dependence on personnel. 
-Optimize your processes.  Save costs and time, focus the attention of your teams on productive tasks. 

What direct benefits will it bring you?