Microsoft for the construction industry 

At Intelequia we understand firsthand the technological challenges that large companies in the construction sector demand. That is why we want to provide your teams with the best Microsoft cloud-based solutions so they can work and remain productive from any location where they are.

We will provide your organization with the technology to increase their daily operations, from the integration of tools such as Azure Virtual Desktop so they can develop their activity from any device to solutions such as Dynamics 365 with which to manage their construction projects and track your customer base.

Microsoft for the construction industry 

Benefits of Microsoft tools for the construction industry

Regardless of the complexity of your projects, you can rely on a set of solutions to plan, collaborate, execute and supervise the entire life cycle of your construction projects, helping you from the first sketches to the final handover. 

Simplify the work of your teams with Microsoft 365 for businesses. You can choose from a wide portfolio of software solutions such as SharePoint for document management, Exchange or Microsoft Teams to coordinate all communication between your work teams and all with maximum security guarantees on all your data and information. 

With Azure Virtual Desktop you will not have to rely on a team working in a physical space, now you can do the same work efficiently from any device, anywhere.

People are the cornerstone of any project. Thanks to the intelligent applications of Dynamics 365, you will have a very complete CRM with which to provide your project managers with decision-making and management and interactions with your customers, suppliers and partners, significantly improving the relationship and productivity of their activity.  

Take advantage of all the opportunities that Microsoft Azure allows for the creation and implementation of websites for your company. Quickly set up virtual offices in a scalable way with Azure Cloud Storage, protecting your IT systems without investing in secondary infrastructures, pay only for what you use. 

We provide you with the best Microsoft tools and solutions for the construction industry.

M365 for your project management 

Microsoft 365 for managing your projects 

Microsoft 365 for managing your projects 

Give your project managers the best tools to manage their performance in an agile and simple way from anywhere. Microsoft 365 provides you with a set of effective applications to facilitate the management of any construction project beyond the range of Office365.

Manage all your document storage with SharePoint in multiple formats. Set up your forms for submittals, invoices, inspection reports, etc. Create alerts and notifications for triggered events in your project management. Gain productivity with applications such as Planner to improve the operability of your daily activities and Microsoft Teams as a communication channel for your teams.    

Microsoft 365 to track and optimize your processes

Another of the most used solutions in the construction sector is Microsoft Project, providing scheduling, resource management and cost tracking of any project, allowing easy integration with SharePoint.  

One of the particularities of Microsoft 365 are its Power Platform applications with which to design customized solutions and increase the effectiveness of your actions, through its design of applications without code, data analysis with Power BI or task automation with Power Automate and being able to integrate it with the rest of the previously mentioned solutions.  

Microsoft 365 to track and optimize your processes
M365 solutions will increase the productivity of your teams.

Automate and simplify the management of your projects with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 as a construction CRM

Optimize the relationship with your contacts with Dynamics 365, an intelligent solution as a CRM construction to help you have a real-time tracking and interaction with all customers, suppliers and partners of each project, strengthening relationships with all stakeholders.  

With Dynamics 365 CRM, you can perform a complete management of your sales processes, lead tracking, opportunities, as well as your accounts and contacts. In addition, you can easily integrate it with LinkedIn Sales and easily access it from any device. 

Dynamics 365 as a construction CRM
Work on the go with Azure Virtual Desktop

Work on the go with Azure Virtual Desktop

With Azure Virtual Desktops, you can access and work with all Windows 10 applications from any location and device, whether Windows, MacOs, iOS or Android. Do not paralyze the pace of work of your teams, increase the productivity of your staff by creating a global work environment. 

You will be able to manage an entire desktop or remote applications from any location where your construction projects are located with total security and without altering your experience. 

AVD will allow your IT managers to manage the type of virtualization deployment, regardless of the environment being used, without having to create additional gateway servers.  

Secure your backups in the cloud with ThunderCloud

Secure your backups in the cloud with ThunderCloud

We understand how important it is for all organizations in the sector the security of your information in the cloud, which is why products like ThunderCloud Backup, are designed to store a daily and automated backup of your Microsoft 365 in real time so you do not have to worry about anything.  

Get a solution for your Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive backups with disaster recovery capabilities and with the support of the entire Intelequia team. 

Technology solutions to increase performance in construction organizations

Increase the productivity of your work teams by providing a collaborative environment anywhere and on any device.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 you will have a wide portfolio of intelligent business applications at your fingertips in an agile and intuitive way.

With Azure Virtual Desktop you will have your desktop and all M365 applications so you can work from anywhere and on any device.