Encourage audience interaction

Encourage audience interaction

Integrate cutting-edge technology to encourage audience interaction. Connect with users around the world while offering a personalized marketing and communication experience. Adapt your services to the new forms of digital consumption, synchronizing them with all your channels and devices. 

At Intelequia we provide you with the best technological solutions so that you have the tools that facilitate the management of your content, the creation of digital campaigns and the analysis of all your actions, in a scalable way and customized to the needs of your organization and your customers.  

Boost remote work and productivity of your teams with Microsoft Teams
Increase your users' experience with Dynamics 365

Increase your users' experience with Dynamics 365

Transform the management of your business and improve the experience of your users with Microsoft Dynamics 365 marketing solutions. Forget about relying on multiple tools to manage your digital campaigns and get in a single panel everything you need for the day to day of your communication and marketing teams. 

Dynamics 365 offers you an integrated solution to cover the entire customer lifecycle, making it easier for decision-makers to work and connect with users effectively. Manage your email campaigns, program your social networks, design customer journeys, or create personalized landing pages to collect data from your leads. All this and much more, from a single platform. 

DNN Delivers a complete digital experience to your users  

DNN Delivers a complete digital experience to your users  

DNN Delivers a complete digital experience to your users  

Ensure the effectiveness of your communication and marketing actions by using solutions that allow you to offer a complete digital experience to all your users. DNN is the world's most widespread open source content management system (CMS).  

With DNN Platform, you will have a solution to satisfy the creation and management of all your content or marketing actions. Easily connect your platform with Dynamics 365 to centralize the management and creation of your leads and automate the sending of commercial communications. 

Would you like to get even more out of your website? Analyze the performance of your online activity by connecting your platform with Power BI to centralize your business intelligence. 

Deliver a unique website experience with DNN Platform
Connect your workflows with Microsoft 365 

Connect your workflows with Microsoft 365 

More and more communication and marketing departments are choosing to work under the environment of Microsoft 365 tools to improve their efficiency and increase the productivity and collaboration of their work teams. The set of services in the intelligent cloud provides solutions adapted to all the challenges that may occur in the management of any daily activity. 

For example, many organizations take advantage of the connectivity benefits for their business meetings, events and customer calls offered by Microsoft Teams. They significantly improve the organization or assignment of tasks with tools such as Planner. They collect data about their users with Forms for the creation of surveys, polls and questionnaires; in addition to relying on applications such as SharePoint for sharing document resources inside and outside their organization. 

But Microsoft 365 is much more... Increase connectivity between all your workflows. Organize calls, webinars, share and store all your documents in OneDrive; collaborate with your teams through Office applications from any device or synchronize your email with your calendars to control your meetings. 

Boost your performance with interactive POWER BI EMBEDDED Reports 

Boost your performance with interactive POWER BI EMBEDDED Reports 

With Power BI Embedded you will enjoy a solution with which to have all your business intelligence centralized, customized and integrated with your applications.  

Easily work with reports, dashboards and interactive analysis on the performance of your marketing and communication actions to reduce workloads on your IT departments thanks to the automation, monitoring and management that comes from working with all the features of Power BI and its intelligent analysis. 

Your business intelligence managers will be able to gain insights with speed, explore data easily and get representative answers about their actions in real time whether in Excel, Azure or other business intelligence tools. You will be able to increase a culture of analytics among your teams, being able to share your information and analysis through Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform with other colleagues

Even strengthen the security of your information by being able to manage your levels of access to information and assign roles with which to adjust permissions inside and outside the organization. 

Did you know that business leaders claim that chatbots have increased their sales by 67%?

Take advantage of chatbots technology to increase your lead generation.

The implementation of chatbots on your website or applications will allow you to have a tool based on artificial intelligence with which to automate the conversation with your users 24/7 and increase the conversion of qualified leads about your products and services. 

At Intelequia we are specialists in the development and configuration of virtual assistants and chatbots in the cloud tailored to the needs of each company.  

Did you know that business leaders claim that chatbots have increased their sales by 67%? (Forbes). More and more companies are betting on the implementation of this technology, mainly because of the multiple benefits it brings, such as:  

-Cost savings in training, personnel and customer service. 
-Immediate response agility. 
-Improved user interaction and experience. 
-Personalization of the user experience.  Integration with multiple channels, search engines and devices (Google, Alexa or Telegram). 

Technological solutions to increase your lead generation

Increase the productivity of your work teams by providing a collaborative environment anywhere and on any device.

Integrate chatbots into your website or applications to improve interaction and communication with your users.

Take advantage of the benefits of working with the most widespread Open Source content management system in the world.