Microsoft cloud technology solutions for Sport and Leisure 

We know how important it is to work correctly the customer experience in sectors such as sports and leisure. Therefore, we offer you the best tools and technological applications for the management, administration and connectivity of your platform for your users. 

In Intelequia we specialize in software development and custom applications, as well as web portals with DNN Platform for the management of ticket sales, reservations and customer management in your facilities taking advantage of all the benefits of working under the Microsoft cloud.  

Microsoft cloud technology solutions for Sport and Leisure 

We provide you with integrated solutions for the management of your users throughout their journey.

We work with big data technology connected with artificial intelligence for the elaboration of predictive models about the behavior of your users.

We integrate technology with which you can centralize the control of your facilities. 

We will set up your platform for ticket sales and booking management of your activities.

We will work with the highest security standards for the protection of all your data and information. 

We will elaborate ad-hoc solutions to your needs, customizing all the development to provide you with an easy and intuitive platform for you and your users. 

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Your all-in-one sports management platform

Your all-in-one sports management platform

If you have a sports center, gym or space for the practice of sports, Ipista is your management platform to allow your users to make all kinds of online reservations for any of your activities.  

You will have absolute control, from a single platform you will manage the administration of your facilities, track reservations, ticket sales thanks to its automated payment center, configure the entry and exit access or generate special discounts for your members.  

In addition to a centralized and unified management, Ipista provides you with performance reports on your activity in real time, therefore, you will know at all times what is happening in your center. 

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Build your e-commerce site with DNN Platform, the most widespread Open Source .Net content management system. Regard your business within your website, and your services, and you will be able to have a to connect your potential customers, and also to sell your ticket sales and book your services.  

Its easy implementation and use make DNN one of the most used CMS for the development of web spaces to cover the booking and ticketing of all kinds of events, festivals, theme parks, museums and other activities. 

If you also do not want to miss any detail about the performance of your online activity, you can complement the statistics provided by DNN with Power BI reports to centralize all the intelligence of your business.

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We share our technological know-how with you 

We share our technological know-how with you 

At Intelequia we have been implementing disruptive technological solutions for the sports and entertainment sectors for more than twelve years with the sole purpose of achieving the satisfaction of our customers by achieving their corporate objectives after the digitization of their processes. 

Through technology consulting and the development of customized solutions, we have acquired a very specific know-how of these sectors, understanding first-hand the needs of decision makers. Therefore, we want to share with you all our experience in the implementation of projects related to sports and leisure and thus make known our success stories. 

Technological solutions for your customer management

Do you need a platform for the management of your sports center? Ipista is your tailor-made solution: Rental of your equipment, reservation management and much more.

Easily design e-commerce websites for ticket sales, while connecting with users around the world.

Specialized in the realization of web developments, applications tailored to our clients' needs in a scalable and secure way.