Technological solutions for the financial and insurance industry

Transform and modernize your IT departments to put your organization at the forefront of the industry in a fast and scalable way. Our experts will provide you with the best solutions to address your cybersecurity management, team management, productivity and departmental operations in a cloud environment so you don't have to worry about traditional mainframe systems, cyber-threats, compliance issues or meeting your customers' expectations. 

We prepare your company for the new digital economy. We redesign your services to increase your connectivity, competitiveness and efficiency in your financial operations. We know how important it is to ensure a correct customer experience, so we provide you with technology to cover all your business areas, from your application systems, document management, or business intelligence.

Bespoke solutions for each company

Working with BI Portals, you will have real-time, interactive and intelligent dashboards about your business analysis. 

We will integrate predictive technology to reduce your risks and provide new business opportunities. 

We provide you with the best software for the input and output of all your document management and centralize all your information. 

We protect the security of your data against all cyber risks.

Do you need to Manage your Azure Services? We help you

Visualize your data from any device with Power BI Embedded

Visualize your data from any device with Power BI Embedded

In the financial and insurance sectors, data processing is a fundamental part of their daily operations. Intelligent solutions are becoming a priority for managing the performance of their business. Therefore, solutions such as Power BI Embedded allow organizations to have a complete centralized analysis on their Power BI dashboards fully connected to their applications and website. 

You can continue to monitor all your financial processes, monitor interactive reports, maps and key indicators of your Power BI performance dashboards from any location or device conveniently and always connected to your data source.

This solution can be fully customized to fit the needs of your financial or insurance institution.  

Your backups in the cloud 100% available with ThunderCloud Backup

Do you need a teleworking tool?  

Azure Virtual Desktop is your solution. You can help your entire organization regardless of location, to gain efficiency and productivity by having a remote system with which to connect to your desktop and Windows 10 applications as if you were in the office, allowing you to enhance teleworking in a totally secure way.  

Redesigning the financial services and insurance experience 

Microsoft Azure is at the service of the financial sector and insurance companies to provide technology solutions to address the new digital economy. You will be able to offer differentiated customer experience, optimize your risk management and fight against fraud. 

Modernize and protect your financial and insurance software systems while providing your organizations with the infrastructure and security needed to enhance your customers' experience. With Azure, you can distribute your critical computing tasks in the cloud to reduce the workload of your IT departments while reducing costs. 

In addition, ensure security across all your services with integrated protection in the cloud, thanks to AI-based monitoring tools.  


Redesigning the financial services and insurance experience 

Integrates the most effective security measures 

Integrates the most effective security measures 

Relying on security services in Azure, will allow you to integrate innovative technology to improve your approach to compliance, especially in financial services with which to audit, provide transparency in operations, or perform automated audits and reports from a centralized and optimized management for the prevention of financial crimes in your environment.  

Microsoft is one of the great market leaders in cybersecurity, in fact, every day its systems analyze and face more than 8 trillion threats. Financial organizations and insurance companies are constantly exposed to numerous cyber attacks. Having intelligent solutions that allow them to combat threats in real time is more than necessary.  

In Intelequia we offer you our cybersecurity services to help your organization to strengthen the protection of all your data and information through SIEM systems, such as Azure Sentinel, Azure Site Recovery for your backups in the cloud and other solutions tailored to your needs. 

Technology solutions to increase efficiency in the financial and insurance sector

Effortless and centralized sharing of common resources, documents and applications from any device

Easily integrate your website with Dynamis 365 to have a centralized management platform for all your customers and your business.

With Azure Virtual Desktop you will have your desktop and all M365 applications so you can work from anywhere and on any device.