Get trained in Microsoft by our MCT experts

We offer you a customized training to accompany you throughout your journey in the cloud. We have a team of Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT), specialists officially certified by Microsoft that will teach you how to get the most out of all the solutions you will work with daily by providing you with a curriculum on a wide variety of topics: Azure, Microsoft 365 / Office 365, Security, DNN and more.

We want you to enjoy a practical learning, so we have developed an e-learning platform so you can perform your training from any location and device supervised by the course tutor, by Intelequia.


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Get trained in Microsoft by our MCT experts

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This course teaches IT professionals, web developers and DNN Platform-based site administrators how to administer and manage a set of DNN Platform-based portals. Students will learn how to implement the infrastructure components required for deployment, as well as the operational management of the deployment. They will also learn how to configure best practices for platform optimization, as well as how to extend the platform through custom development of modules and extensions.

Microsoft 365 is a productivity solution that provides innovative and intelligent experiences, collaboration and teamwork tools accessible from a trusted cloud platform to help people and organizations be more productive.

After completing this course the student will be familiar with each of the tools that make up the solution, the advantages they offer and how to use them to get the most out of them in their day to day work.

Do you need help to get the most out of your business operations?

At Intelequia we offer specific training plans so that our clients can acquire the necessary skills to correctly and optimally perform their functions related to the different Microsoft tools and solutions.

Why train at Microsoft?

Get the most out of Microsoft and Azure solutions to increase productivity and efficiency within your organization. Our trainings are taught by Microsoft Certified Technicians (MCT) guaranteeing the quality of our courses.  

You will discover in depth the different uses of all those tools in the cloud that allow you to go a step further to optimize the operability of your work environment, the digitization of your processes and ensure the security of your information.


Why train at Microsoft?

Why choose Intelequia?

Intelequia has been awarded the Microsoft MCT seal of approval. According to Microsoft: "Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT) are the leading technical and instructional experts in Microsoft technologies".

Our goal is to meet the training needs of your organization by offering training adapted to all levels.

All our courses are provided with different activities and laboratories to be completed by the students in order to get first-hand knowledge of the tool or solution with which they will work on a daily basis.

Do you have FUNDAE credits? You can take advantage of the possibility of total or partial bonus of all our trainings.