Business Situation

Due to the company's growing expansion in several countries and with the aim of providing the best service to its customers, Auxadi decided to migrate its tools to the cloud, and so, adding great improvements in both cost savings and greater use of the resources.

The choice of Azure was created because Auxadi needed a platform that would give them enough flexibility and scalability to carry out such a complex project and the growth forecast they had.

In addition, they needed to seamlessly integrate NAV services with the rest of the services they provide to their customers based on other MS cloud tools and also integrate it with corporate tools (CRMOL and NAV-based project management tools). They realized that the management and maintenance of the databases and tenants of so many customers and users became manually unviable.

Also, users and customers are spread all over the world especially in the rest of Europe, realizing that they could use Azure to control the spending by automatically turning off and on machines depending on the time and needs, and, this way, taking advantage of the different time applications in which they operate.

Provided Solution

The tool with which Auxadi offers its services is Dynamics Nav, so Intelequia offered them a complete Cloud solution based on IaaS and PaaS (Infrastructure and Platform as a Service), deploying the Dynamics Nav application on an Azure machine and using the Azure SQL Database service for each Country / Region where they have clients / users.

1.- Microsoft Azure Deployment in the cloud, using elastic groups of Azure SQL Database

The fact that Auxadi's clients are geographically distributed in different locations, allowed Intelequia to design a solution where they could take advantage of the elastic groups of Azure SQL Database, they provide a simple and cost-effective solution to manage several databases that have patterns that are very different and unpredictable. This way, we make sure that databases get the performance resources they need and when they need them.

This solution allows a kind of "balancing" of resources. That is, individual databases are provided with flexibility within set parameters, with high loads, a database that can consume more to meet demand. This greatly simplifies administration tasks by allowing provisioning of resources for the entire group rather than for single databases.

2.- Intelequia Managed Services

Another very important part was the backup and disaster recovery. In order to facilitate this task, it was decided to make backup copies in the cloud, that is, in an external location and delocalized from the client's premises. The advantages are clear: access from anywhere, cost, scalability, data recovery time, etc.

We implemented the Intelequia solution, Thundercloud Backup, a backup application in the cloud, based on Microsoft Azure. Thanks to this powerful backup management and monitoring tool, we guarantee the correct compliance with the safety standards and data protection laws, combined with the high reliability of a leading solution in the sector and a brand with a long technological journey such as Microsoft.

Intelequia combined its ThunderCloud Backup solution for local file backups, with Azure vault, for backups of the virtual machine and Azure Automation, Microsoft's tool for scheduled tasks with which a backup is generated in a programmed way, for each database hosted in Azure SQL Database.

Business Benefits


Provide IT resources immediately, without infrastructure investments. 
Dedication IT goes from being a cost to value the company because the customer forgets the hardware and its problems.


By sharing resources a database that is in a high load time can scale its consumption of resources among all available at that time.

Costs Reduction

One of the main advantages is the great cost savings of having to provision only a pool of resources that will consume the multiple databases instead of provisioning these databases in a standalone way.


Azure is backed by Microsoft’s growing number of global managed data centers across 21 regions. Furthermore boasts 99.95 percent availability and 24/7 tech support and health monitoring.