What is IT outsourcing and how does IT outsourcing benefit you?
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  08 July 2024

In this post we discover what is IT outsourcing and why more and more SMEs are outsourcing these services to improve their performance.

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Secure and efficient cloud solutions for the Telecom industry
César Asin Mogica  |  29 April 2024

What are the challenges and benefits for Telco companies that want to migrate their infrastructure to the cloud? We tell you in this post

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Application Modernization: What it is, Strategies and Benefits
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  19 June 2023

In this post we discuss what Application Modernization for enterprise environments is all about including examples, benefits and strategies.

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Managed IT Services: What are they and why do you need them?
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  07 June 2023

In this post we will describe what IT managed services are, what they are for, how they can improve your security and everything you need to know

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What is IT infrastructure automation?
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  22 February 2023

What is IT infrastructure automation and what does it consist of? We explain why it is so important and what are its advantages

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How to prepare for AVD deployment: Host Pool
Carlos Fernández Barreiro  |  11 January 2023

What are Host Pools and why is it so important to know how to prepare a deployment in Azure Virtual Desktop under the same base image? 

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How to set up FSLogix in a storage account
Carlos Fernández Barreiro  |  09 November 2022

In this post we explain how to complete a storage account setup process for Fslogix profile deployment

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Using FSLogix to prepare for Azure Virtual Desktop deployment
Carlos Fernández Barreiro  |  07 September 2022

In this post we will make an introduction to FSLogix, to prepare a deployment in AVD and we will tell you step by step what aspects you should take into account.

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Disabling obsolete encryption protocols with DSC and Azure PowerShell
Javansingh Vaswani Oller  |  26 August 2022

Learn how to disable obsolete encryption protocols and force the use of TLS 1.2 in .NET applications with DSC and Azure PowerShell

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Preparing an Azure Virtual Desktop Deployment: The Master Image
Carlos Fernández Barreiro  |  14 June 2022

We will discover how to prepare an AVD deployment and we will talk about the key component in the infrastructure creation process: the master image.


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Azure Virtual Desktop: Introduction and Deployment Options
Carlos Fernández Barreiro  |  24 March 2022

What is Azure Virtual Desktop, how to deploy it and its deployment options. We explain what to consider when working with AVD and Remote Apps. 

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What is hyperconverged infrastructure?
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  17 August 2021

Hyperconverged Infrastructure. What is it? How does it work, what is its origin? and the benefits it brings to the companies that integrate it.

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