Managed IT Services: What are they and why do you need them?

Managed IT Services: What are they and why do you need them?


Would you be able to recognize in real time why the network is slow, or if the software of all your assets is up to date, or are you receiving some kind of computer attack?

Technology, operational efficiency and focus on business growth, are fundamental premises within any company. However, every CIO, IT Manager or COO knows that managing and maintaining IT infrastructure and systems can be challenging and consume valuable resources. This is where managed IT services come into play, an end-to-end solution that allows you to optimize your operations and free up your teams' time to focus on what really matters: growing your business. Let's see what it's all about:

What are IT managed services?

Managed IT Services aim to ensure the smooth running of the company's daily operations by providing comprehensive support for the management and maintenance of IT systems. Instead of handling these tasks in-house, organizations can outsource them to a specialized IT managed services provider.

These services range from proactive monitoring of systems and networks to technical support, data security, backups, software upgrades, virtualization and much more.

What coverages does a managed service include?

These are some of the main coverages that a managed service may include:

  • Active monitoring of the active services deployed in the cloud with 24x7 incident alerts implementation.
  • Active control over backups.
  • Technical support to undertake configuration, upgrade or deployment tasks for Azure services of the proposal or new services to be added to the infrastructure
  • Incident response for deployed cloud services.
  • Continuous technical advice from a Cloud Architect to ensure the optimization and security of the infrastructure, as well as costs derived from it.  
  • High availability, forecasting, planning and system support are other of its objectives, allowing to ensure a quick response to any situation, in addition to the continuous analysis of workloads to implement proactive measures to ensure that the infrastructure is correctly sized at all times.
  • Service level agreement including an SLA that defines the services provided by the provider and all coverage.

5 benefits of contracting IT managed services

The benefits are numerous. First of all, you can have a team of experts take care of all tasks related to your IT infrastructure, which frees up internal resources. In addition, you can achieve greater security and data protection, as well as higher availability and performance of your systems. However, let's take a look at the main advantages:

  1. Cost reduction and predictability: Managed Services allow to reduce operating costs in the internal team of a company, avoid unforeseen expenses and above all, it is possible to obtain a forecast of cost plans for short and medium term projects by outsourcing the administration.
  2. Improved Productivity: The tools and support provided favor collaboration between work teams making it much more effective.
  3. Increased Security: The control and maintenance provided by managed IT services offer advanced security measures for data and corporate network protection.
  4. Risk management: Greater control allows for risk reduction and ensures the security of all corporate information and proactive infrastructure management.
  5. Flexibility: Managed services can be adapted to organizations of any size and are designed for companies that lack internal IT management resources.

As you can see, managed IT services have become an essential solution for companies looking to outsource the management of their IT infrastructure and optimize their operations. By having a specialized and experienced team at your disposal. If you do not want to overload your IT department and you are interested in outsourcing, at Intelequia we have a team specialized in providing managed services to help you improve the administration, support and maintenance of your cloud environments, accompanying you from the first minute with a comprehensive solution.

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