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What is metadata and what is it for?
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  16 September 2021

Imagine the enormous amount of information that is collected on a daily basis. How do we describe or categorize all this data? We explain in this article

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How does Microsoft want to empower Hybrid work?
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  13 September 2021

We discover the latest developments with which Microsoft intends to promote the integration of a hybrid work model in organizations.

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Database Manager: What it is, Functionalities and Examples
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  09 September 2021

What is a data management system used for? What types of database management systems are there and what is its use for a company?

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Teams integrates new survey functionality
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  06 September 2021

Teams integrates a new type of survey with open-ended questions and word cloud to get more accurate feedback from our meetings.

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Improving patient care with Microsoft 365
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  01 September 2021

Discover the solutions that M365 makes available to healthcare workers to improve the efficiency and productivity of your staff and patients.

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Microsoft to strengthen security against fraudulent e-mails
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  27 August 2021

Microsoft Defender will have a new update to shield organizations' email from external threats

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Microsoft Teams will notify all calls that are SPAM
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  23 August 2021

The new Microsoft Teams update will notify us when we receive SPAM calls from suspicious numbers through a notification.

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What is hyperconverged infrastructure?
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  17 August 2021

Hyperconverged Infrastructure. What is it? How does it work, what is its origin? and the benefits it brings to the companies that integrate it.

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The best Big Data tools
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  10 August 2021

What are the big data tools most used by companies to analyze, process and store their data📈? Here are the 10 best ones

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All about Data Centers
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  03 August 2021

What is a Data Center, how does it work and what advantages does it offer? Discover the importance of knowing how to manage large volumes of data.

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Windows 365 is now available: know its prices
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  03 August 2021

Learn about the different plans and prices of Windows 365 for companies in its Business and Enterprise edition. 

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What is the difference between an ERP and a CRM?
Sergio Darias Pérez  |  22 July 2021

What are the differences between a CRM and an ERP? Which one is better for me? What are the advantages? We will tell you all this and much more 

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