A platform to simplify all your HR processes

Centrally manage all areas of human resources in your company under a single app with IntelequiaHR

  • Employee management
  • Financial management
  • Employee training and education
  • Time clocking and shift management
  • Automated reporting

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A platform to simplify all your HR processes

Why IntelequiaHR?

 With IntelequiaHR you will save time, money and resources by being able to work from a single platform all performance areas of your human resources department including administrative management

All your employees' documents will be organized centrally from a single platform so you can spend more time with your team

No longer will you have to perform tasks in an independent and decentralized manner that entails human errors associated with each process. Gain in efficiency

Certify your files with legal validity through electronic signatures and massively automate all processes and documentary information with each member of the team.

Employee Management

Employee Management

HR managers can configure and visualize from a single panel all the information related to each employee: 

  • Training management
  • Resources provided by the company
  • Financial information and payroll records
  • Employee lifecycle and talent management

Time Management

Time Management

You will be able to review the hours worked by your employees, manage their shifts and comply with the attendance control law:

  • Time and attendance control
  • Absence, leave and vacation management
  • Shift assignment

Financial Management

Financial Management

Forget about working with multiple documents and centralize all processes and employee payroll records from a single platform:

  • Payroll and tax forms management.
  • Modification and management of bank details

Much more than HR Software

Increase the strategic role of your human resources managers and turn them into a key part of your company by connecting different applications in an automated way to enhance their ability to make decisions based on data

Get the most out of it by connecting all your organization's information with some of the leading Microsoft 365 or eSignature solutions

Harness the power of data to make better decisions about your business performance and staff operations through customized reports

Centrally monitor and identify your employees' use of company-provided resources to improve planning and material shortages

What profile of companies is this HR software designed for?

IntelequiaHR is a human resources platform designed for medium and large companies. The design can be customized and adjusted to the needs of each entity so that any member of the team can perform any management quickly and easily.

Do I need to install any software to work with IntelequiaHR?

You don't have to install anything on your computer. IntelequiaHR operates directly from the cloud so you can work from any device anywhere. In addition you will have an On Boarding process by our team so you can take full advantage of the platform.

Can I import my current employee data?

Of course! With IntelequiaHR you can import all your current information. Our team will help you with the whole migration process so that you don't lose any detail about your current information.

Can we work with an electronic signature?

Of course. You will be able to sign contracts, documents or invoices in a totally secure way from any device in compliance with the law.