Intelequia launches new virtual assistant

Intelequia launches new virtual assistant

We are pleased to announce that we have a new partner in our midst! ...

This is our new Virtual Assistant 😊.

This new signing, will become the main interlocutor of Intelequia with all users who visit our web platform any day of the week, being operational 24 hours both on mobile and desktop. He will be able to answer any question related to our products and services in two languages, Spanish and English.

The implementation of this new project has been designed with the aim of making available to all our visitors, a tool that allows them to access in a much faster and easier way to all information related to products, services and support for Intelequia customers.

Our new bot companion has been implemented with Azure Bot Services provided by the Microsoft Azure platform. One of its main features is its iterative learning allowing our virtual assistant to respond more accurately as it has new conversations. This would not be possible without the introduction of LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service) cognitive services.  

Another of the main functionalities that characterize our virtual assistant or chatbot is the unlimited capacity of Q&A (questions and answers) that it can process. For example, you could ask it and get an answer from "What is Microsoft Azure?" or find out "How can I backup to the cloud?" to "How can I backup to the cloud?". All the way up to asking him to tell you a joke.

If you have not yet spoken to him....

What are you waiting for?

We invite you to try our new Virtual Assistant right now! We would love to hear your opinion and be able to improve every day the interaction with our users.