Seminar: Grants and Subsidies to improve your company's competitiveness

Seminar: Grants and Subsidies to improve your company's competitiveness

The optimization of revenue management and the measurement of return has become a recurring subject for hotel management, constantly requiring technological solutions that allow them to increase operational efficiency and guarantee the security of their information, raising many questions such as: How much does it cost to implement an AI solution for direct sales?

How much does it cost to implement an AI solution for direct sales? How can I improve the security of my hotel? What are the grants or subsidies to be able to apply these technological developments? And the estimated time to receive them? 

 If you want to know the answer to these questions, you can not miss this appointment next July 22 at FIT Canarias by the hand of Intelequia, Aurum Rooms, ColaborAC Consultancy in Grants and organized by organized by Ashotel in which we will discover and explore together the most demanded concerns about grants and subsidies to implement the most cutting-edge solutions for security and artificial intelligence to optimize sales channels in the hotel tourism sector.


Germán Delgado Chief Operating Officer of Intelequia

Artificial Intelligence and Security in the Hotel Tourism Sector

  • How to apply Artificial Intelligence to a hotel?
  • How does its use benefit?
  • What are the cost savings?
  • How much does it cost to implement AI in a hotel?
  • How can I protect the hotel?
  • What are the risks?
  • How much are security measures worth?

Enrique González Hernández, General Manager of Aurum Rooms

Optimization of sales channels and return measurement

  • The performance of Artificial Intelligenc
  • Processes for the optimization of sales channels
  • Basis for implementing a revenue management policy.
  • Measuring return 

Alberto Molowny, General Director of ColaborAC

Subsidies and grants for implementing these and other solutions

  • Subsidies applicable to the hotel sector for technology/sustainability projects (upcoming calls for proposals).
  • Information on: eligible projects, requirements, subsidy percentage and amount, deadlines, etc.
  • Steps to follow to become a beneficiary of subsidies; comprehensive management of a subsidy file.


10:30 Welcome by the Acelera Pyme Office of Ashotel.  
10:35 Germán Delgado, Intelequia, Technological tools: Artificial intelligence and security in the tourism-hotel sector.
11:15 Enrique González, Aururooms, Optimization of sales channels and measurement of returns  
11:45 Coffee Break
12:10 Alberto Molowny, ColaborAC, Subsidies and grants to implement these and other solutions
12:45 Questions and networking 


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