Webinar: Azure Active Directory B2C

Webinar: Azure Active Directory B2C

About the Webinar:

Are you concerned about having to manage an identity service for your applications? Is your identity service critical to your business? Have you checked out what the integrated Azure AD B2C identity service feature offers but need more?

Then this is your session. We will play with the IEF (Identity Experience Framework) by creating custom policies to extend the service it offers by default.

Do not miss next October 26th at 11am (GMT -4) this free webinar about Azure Active Directory B2C is an identity and access management service for your customer-facing applications capable of supporting millions of users and millions of authentications per day. Customers can use their preferred social, corporate or on-premises account identities to perform single sign-on for their different applications or APIs.

In In In this session you will learn how to:

  • Integrate your applications.
  • Configure custom Azure AD B2C policies for advanced scenarios.
We will follow the new event registration web application examples, showing tips and tricks on how multiple applications with different technologies can integrate the same identity service.

Recommended for:

This training is designed for all organizations that want to discover how Azure Active Directory B2C solutions can help improve the security of access to different applications and APIs through your preferred identity provider. 

This training session will be given by:

  • David J. Rodríguez Hernández

CTO at Intelequia | Microsoft Regional Director and Azure MVP


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 *This event is no longer available