Do you want to protect the security of your data and are you interested in knowing which solutions and services are the most effective against cyber-attacks?

Next May 25, we invite you to participate in our webinar entitled: "Learn how to protect your corporate information: 7 steps to deploy a successful SOC" at 12:00 (GMT+2).

During this session, our experts will explain what a SOC is and why it is crucial to protect your company's data and systems. In addition, we will show you the steps to deploy a SOC and what tools are necessary to ensure the security of systems, user equipment, smartphones, servers (cloud and on-premise) and third-party software.

What will we cover during the session:

✅What is a SOC and why is it important for the security of your company.

✅The 7 steps needed to deploy an effective SOC service.

✅How to integrate a Security Operations Center with your infrastructure.

Don't miss the opportunity to join this session, resolve any questions you may have for and improve your company's security and about deploying a SOC service!


  • Germán Delgado - COO of Intelequia and Cybersecurity expert.   
  • Ricardo J. León - IT Security Manager

Who is the target audience?

This webinar is aimed at anyone involved in enterprise security defense, including IT, Security Analysts, COOs, CEOs, CTOs, CIs, etc.