Bespoke Mixed Reality solutions:

Dimension the way in which you develop your activity remotely. Microsoft HoloLens 2 will allow you to have a holographic computer with which you will create scenarios in a delocalized way, being able to see, hear and interact with virtual elements in a real environment favoring digital inclusiveness.

It facilitates the approach and connection between your staff and customers remotely, allowing you to meet specific business needs in terms of training, knowledge sharing or maintenance work. HoloLens 2 provides you with a technology capable of combining with artificial intelligence, including data storage functionalities and even combining with Teams for interactive videoconferencing.

Advantages of mixed reality:

Create unique and interactive training experiences in real time. Give your teams a solution to approach complex scenarios easily, securely and accurately.  

Connect with your team remotely, increase your productivity and efficiency while reducing the percentage of problems associated with the performance of the activity.

With Hololens 2, you will have access to a wide set of compatible applications in the Microsoft cloud with which to increase your capacity for development and innovation.

Immersive technology to generate unique scenarios

Immersive technology to generate unique scenarios

We create holistic and inclusive Mixed Reality solutions tailored to your needs, allowing to translate gestures, movements and language of people in perfectly adapted interactions with the digital world regardless of the industry.

Microsoft's Mixed Reality glasses provide multiple advantages, allowing you to have an optimized planning on all stages of any project in advance.

The eye tracking and hand tracking technology of HoloLens 2 is capable of detecting the eye and hand tracking of any user, to provide hidden or invisible information about the performance of any activity, in addition to providing the necessary freedom to not have to hold any control to interact.

Starring new experiences in the metaverse

Learn, share and collaborate in 3D with your teams and clients through Microsoft Mesh mixed reality.

Project your most realistic self through personalized immersive avatars completely remotely. Enjoy the full potential of the Mesh metaverse with your HoloLens 2 and VR headset to collaborate and grow your relationships with Microsoft Teams.

You get the freedom to create unique experiences from anywhere supported by a subset of IoT and artificial intelligence capabilities to share them from any location and device.


Starring new experiences in the metaverse
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