Bizz Summit 2023, the largest festival of Business Apps in Spanish

Bizz Summit 2023, the largest festival of Business Apps in Spanish


Stay tuned because next September 29th and 30th the 3rd edition of the Bizz Summit Festival, the largest Business Applications festival in Spanish in the world, is coming to Madrid!

How could it be otherwise, we have the immense pleasure to repeat as sponsors and speakers!

After a successful edition in 2022, the Bizz Summit reaffirms itself as the reference event for the entire Microsoft Bizz Apps community, providing a unique experience for the exchange of knowledge aimed at all levels and profiles: technicians, business users and consumers of solutions.

This edition is expected to continue to increase attendance and participation records, surpassing last year's 104 speakers and more than 90 hours of streaming. Of course, there will be tracks, workshops, showcases and top-level product sessions given by the main partners and references of the sector worldwide.

A free event, which is also a charity event. Last edition raised more than 2,500 euros for the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases (Feder).

Bizz Summit will once again have a hybrid format in which we will be able to enjoy live streaming sessions and many more surprises.


Don't miss the presentations of our colleagues at the Bizz Summit

David J. Rodríguez Microsoft Regional Director, Azure MVP and CTO at Intelequia

Discovering the Power of Microsoft Purview: Simplified Data Discovery and Governance

"In this session, we will explore the revolutionary capabilities of Microsoft Purview, a leading solution in the field of data governance and discovery. As organizations are faced with an increasing amount of data dispersed across different sources and formats, the need for efficient management and governance becomes critical.

During this talk, we will discover how Microsoft Purview can help organizations address these challenges and make the most of their data assets. We will explore key features of the platform, such as the ability to discover, classify and catalog data in an automated manner. We will look at how Purview can enable greater visibility and control of data, helping to ensure regulatory compliance and information security.

In addition, we will examine how Microsoft Purview integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft cloud data services, such as PowerBI, SQL Server or Dataverse."

When and where? Room 5 - Saturday from 09:00 to 10:00h


Eugenio Peraza Business App Specialist

Dataflows and Machine Learning in Power BI: The winning duo to conquer your data

"In this talk we will explore Power BI Dataflows, a powerful tool to extract, prepare and manage data in the cloud in an efficient and scalable way.

In addition, we will discover how to use these Dataflows as a starting point for applying Machine Learning models in Power BI, taking data analytics to a new level of intelligence and accurate predictions."

When and where? Room 9 - Friday from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.


Germán Delgado COO

Digital transformation and cost optimization using the Power Platform

"In this session, Germán, will share different use cases, applications and real examples of how we help from Intelequia to implement innovative solutions in our customers using Power Platform. We will explore how to implement and drive automation, improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. In turn, as an operations manager with expertise in security, I will present a comprehensive view on how we achieve data security and compliance in this area in different industries.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how this powerful suite of tools can transform your business!"

When and where? Room 2 - Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


About Bizz Summit ES:

Bizz Summit was born from organizations of different Microsoft community events organized by the main MVPs and experts of the Business Applications and Office Apps community in Spain with the desire to join efforts, centralize the different Dynamics and Power Platform events in one and of course, provide a different experience in the exchange of knowledge in these strange times.

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