We join the Microsoft Partner Pledge

We join the Microsoft Partner Pledge

We are pleased to announce that Intelequia has joined the Microsoft Partner Pledge initiative

On October 22, our CEO Carmen M. Martín López, signed this commitment together with Carolina Castillo Hernández, Director Global Partner Solutions at Microsoft, whose mission is to put technology at the service of innovation, sustainability and as a transformative mechanism that allows us to provide a service of common good for all people.

The commitment acquired by Microsoft and of which we are now part, is aimed at developing a global project to work and promote the digital skills of all people, support diversity and inclusion, apply a responsible and ethical AI in addition to generating a sustainable digital transformation.


Precisely the technology sector plays a key role in our daily lives, its direct impact on the global economy in the short and long term entails an increasing responsibility for all parties involved, including all associated challenges that lead this transformation in a sustainable and inclusive way for which it has been designed.

Specifically, the fundamental pillars that define the Microsoft Partner Pledge are:

  • Diversity and Inclusion: As a fundamental part of our industry, supporting any cause that fosters and enhances diversity in our technology workforces.
  • Responsible and Ethical AI: Ensuring that the artificial intelligence we develop is implemented in a responsible and ethical manner as outlined in AI for Good and Future Computed.​
  • Sustainability: Demonstrating a commitment to the environment and reducing its carbon footprint.

That is why the entire Intelequia team is proud to be part of this global project and to share this vision of Commitment and Alliance with the entire community of Partners to work for a better world where technology must always be at the service of people.


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