Webinar: SharePoint List with Power Apps + Case Study

Webinar: SharePoint List with Power Apps + Case Study

Would you like to know in depth the development techniques of SharePoint List Power Apps?

Then you can't miss this presentation "SharePoint List Power Apps: Success Story" on February 23rd in which our colleague, Team Lead, and Microsoft Business Applications MVP Eickhel Mendoza, will present online for the entire Microsoft Reactor Toronto community.

This session will be intended for all those developers, solution architects or technology managers who want to discover the advantages and disadvantages of working with this type of Power App, manage the lifecycle of the application and learn other hacks to facilitate the daily management of this application.

In addition, we will learn how one of the projects that applied these technologies became a success story within Microsoft Redmond.

If you still have doubts, why should you attend?

  • You will learn the most advanced Power Apps development techniques in SharePoint List.
  • You will learn about the entire Power Apps application development cycle.
  • You will be able to network with the rest of the attendees.

Date and schedule:

  • Day: February 23rd
  • Time: 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM WET (Western European Time)  

About Microsoft Reactor:

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Are you going to miss it?

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