Webinar: Why Implement a SOC Service to strengthen business security?

Webinar: Why Implement a SOC Service to strengthen business security?

Do you want to protect the security of your data and are interested in knowing which solutions and services are the most effective against cyber-attacks? 

On April 27, we invite you to join our webinar titled: "Why Implement a SOC Service to Strengthen Business Security?"


Nowadays, companies heavily rely on technology and digital information to carry out their daily activities. As the amount of data handled increases, so does the risk of vulnerabilities and cyber attacks that compromise information security. That is why having a Security Operations Service (SOC) has become increasingly important. 

A SOC is a team of security professionals dedicated to monitoring, detecting, and responding to cyber threats that may affect an organization's security to minimize any impact.

Some of the primary functions of a SOC include:

  • Security event monitoring and analysis
  • Detection and prevention of cyber-attacks
  • Incident response

If you are interested, we will conduct a 60-minute session, in which we will take a step-by-step tour of all the functionalities included in a SOC service. We will also provide a DEMO of a real case for the prevention and defense of a cyber-attack.


April 27 - (UTC -04)


Who is the target audience? 

This webinar is intended for anyone involved in enterprise security defense, including IT, Security Analysts, COOs, CEOs, CTOs, CISOs, and CIOs.

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