Identify and combat cyberthreats in your cloud services

Protect your organization from cyber threats across all your cloud services and review third-party SaaS applications.

Take control with CASB over how data moves and sophisticated analytics.

 What is a CASB?

What is a CASB?

CASBs protect real-time agent access between business users and the cloud resources they use, no matter where users are located and regardless of the device they use.

They detect and provide visibility into application and shadow IT usage, monitor user activities for anomalous behavior, control access to resources, provide the ability to classify and prevent loss of sensitive information, protect against malicious actors, and assess compliance of cloud services.  

Why do I need a CASB?

Having a CASB security tool will allow you to protect the communications of your SaaS applications and cloud services against cyber-attacks. Manage access to your resources and discover your Shadow IT. By understanding the state of your digital information, you will be able to control it to your advantage.

In addition, an organization is responsible for managing and protecting its cloud platform, including IAM, virtual machines, data processing or network resources; storage, etc... as well as its users' confidential information against the various methods employed by malicious actors


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Why do I need a CASB?
Ensure the security of your information in the cloud

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps: Identify and combat cyberthreats

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps: Identify and combat cyberthreats

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps is your CASB solution to identify and combat all cyber threats in your cloud services. You will have a permanent security agent for the management, control and protection of all your data. 

You can integrate it natively with many identity and security solutions such as Azure Active Directory, Intune, Microsoft Information Protection and more. 

What features does Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps have?  

  • Discover and control the use of shadow IT. 
  • Protect your confidential information anywhere in the cloud. 
  • Guarantee the telework of your organization in a totally secure way. 
  • Manage any security breach in your cloud environments.