Your dashboard against cyberthreats

A single solution with which you have a complete view of detection, visibility, and proactive search against threats.  

Integrate a watchdog at your side. Collect, detect, investigate and respond intelligently and effectively against cyber threats through the use of data processing technologies for global early detection of incidents.

Why invest in a SIEM system?

SIEM (Security Information or Event Management) technology is designed to centralize the security of your business-critical networks against cyber-attacks, shielding your organization from any anomaly.

Get real-time information on all events that attempt to create security breaches on your networks.  

A SIEM system collects all the information coming from multiple connected devices such as your systems, antivirus or firewalls, allowing you to have a centralized administration with which to control and anticipate your systems to future attacks.

Why invest in a SIEM system?
Your Intelligent Security Analysis:

Your Intelligent Security Analysis:

Microsoft Sentinel is a security information event management (SIEM) and security orchestration automated response (SOAR) solution that is scalable and cloud native.

Azure Sentinel offers an intelligent security analysis against all threats in the company, so you get a single solution that searches and detects any incident proactively, generates alerts and immediate response to these.

Native integration with Microsoft Defender (endpoint protection) and Cloud App Security (CASB).

Microsoft Sentinel enables an enterprise-wide view, helping to monitor increasingly sophisticated attacks, growing alert volumes and longer resolution times.  

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