Connect your Team with the Intelligent Intranet

Boost teamwork with SharePoint, Microsoft's collaborative platform. Improve the performance and productivity of your entire staff by providing a solution to simplify your team's work.  

Share common resources and applications effortlessly on any device whether you are at home, at work or on the road, both inside and outside the organization. Sharepoint is your intelligent intranet.

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Sharepoint is much more:

Sharepoint as an Intranet

Manage your internal communication thanks to SharePoint's intranet. Enhance the connection and social facet of your teams thanks to the platform's multiple collaborative solutions.

Develop your corporate identity in a quick and easy way to inform all employees about the latest news and developments in the organization by sharing common resources and applications on the main sites.

With Sharepoint it is possible to generate the feeling of belonging to a community.

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Sharepoint as an Intranet
Do you need to keep track of all your incoming and outgoing documents? Learn more about Track

Sharepoint as a Document Manager

Sharepoint as a Document Manager

What functionalities does it allow us?  

Promotes collaborative work: you will be able to edit the same document by several users at the same time.  

Guaranteed Protection: you can enable the editing of a document to be managed by a specific user.  

Alert Configuration: Automate automatic alerts via e-mail when any change occurs in your file library.

Tracking: Take control over your documents and know what changes have been made and who is the last user to make changes.  

Classify: You can archive, filter, sort and group your document library by metadata to find the documents you need.