MICROSOFT 365 BACKUPS backup for cloud platforms


A Robust and Efficient Solution for Your Cloud Backups

With ThunderCloud you can automate your backups in the cloud to protect all your storage data quickly and securely.

Managed and monitored by Intelequia, saving work for the customer. 

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A Robust and Efficient Solution for Your Cloud Backups

Your Microsoft 365 Backups with cloud backup

  • Exchange Online backup, including inboxes, shared inboxes, calendars and contacts.
  • SharePoint and OneDrive backup. Thundercloud identifies files modified since the last backup and only copies those files.
  • Item-level recovery. Search and recover files, folders or email on an individual basis.

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With ThunderCloud Backup you no longer have to worry about your cloud backups

What are the main services included?

Advice: Ongoing technical advice from an expert to ensure the security of backups.

Response: Response to backup service incidents.

Support: Technical support to undertake configuration, upgrade or deployment tasks for backup services.

Control: Active control of backups

Monitoring: Active monitoring of backups in the cloud, with implementation of incident alerts.

Did you know that every customer is responsible for their data? 

SaaS data protection applications do not cover a customer data loss service. For example, Microsoft does not and will not assume any responsibility for your data, and you as an organization are solely responsible for your data and content. More information 
ThunderCloud is your Security Guarantee, you will no longer have to worry about your backups in the cloud, managed in an automated way by Intelequia so you can focus your attention on what is important.