Improve your operability with application modernization

Do you know the benefits of working with a native cloud solution? Application modernization is one of our specialized services in Microsoft Azure with the aim of increasing the operability and productivity of your organization, in order to improve the experience of your customers. 

Moving from a monolithic structure and modernize your applications in the cloud, will allow you to extract all its value from the integration with technologies such as containers, which significantly reduce your response times under a native cloud architecture increasing the efficiency. In addition, working under a microservices structure minimizes the risk of failures, providing a more stable and centralized support. 

For your peace of mind, our team of experts will provide you with all the Microsoft Azure consulting services to make your experience as productive as possible. We take care of its integration in the cloud, as well as those managed services for maintenance, you will not have to worry about anything. 

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Application Modernization with Microsoft Azure

Why should you modernize your applications?  

For many organizations, staying at the technological forefront of their sector without daring to migrate to the cloud represents a complete challenge, since maintaining their on-premise applications can lead to obsolescence in their daily operations as they do not have the necessary agility to respond to their customers.  

Not having the necessary technological resources, can overload your IT departments, wasting time and effort that later translates into increased costs for your organization.  

Microsoft Azure offers you all the elements to modernize your current solution, enabling scenarios of not only list-and-shift to IaaS, but intermediate solutions such as optimization by introducing PaaS solutions (such as App Service, SQL Database, etc.), or a series of services such as containers that will allow you to deploy a modern solution.

Video: App Modernization with Microsoft Azure (Microsoft BUILD)

There are options beyond a straight forward lift and shift into Azure IaaS. What are your options? Learn how Azure helps modernize applications faster with containers and how you can use serverless to add additional functionality while keeping your production codebase 'clean'. We'll also learn how to incorporate DevOps throughout your apps lifecycle and take advantage of data-driven intelligence. Demo intensive session integrating the likes of Service Fabric, AKS VSTS and more.

What are the benefits of modernizing your applications?

You won't have to worry about infrastructure management, scale according to your needs, take advantage of all cloud resources.

Facilitate the portability of your applications and avoid locking your applications in the cloud by working with containers that improve deployment in any environment.

Your teams will no longer work in separate silos. The adoption of new procedures in cloud environments will foster a new DevOps culture. 

Enjoy comprehensive audits with which to diagnose and analyze any performance issues instantly as with Azure Application Insights. 

How we work at Intelequia?

In Intelequia we help you to make your way to the cloud, advising you on what is the best option for you: 

  • Migration: for cases where simply moving local servers to the cloud is the fastest way to start enjoying the advantages of the cloud such as its high availability or other services that you do not have in your data center;
  • Optimization: if while planning that optimization, we find scenarios that fit the use of platform services (PaaS), to let Microsoft take care of infrastructure operations such as patching, availability, etc. and focus on the application and your data;
  • Modernization: for cases in which redoing the application is the best option using the full potential of the cloud to build your application in native mode.

1. Planning 
In this first phase, our team of experts will perform a complete analysis of your infrastructure. Identifying those points to optimize and implement. 

2. Data collection 
After a preliminary analysis of your environment, we will review and validate all the data collected to offer you the best response during the migration process. 

3. Definition and Migration 
Once we have the roadmap to develop and best practices for its development, we can work under Lift&Shift (Rehost) or optimized migration models according to the needs of each client. 

App Modernization

BPS contacted Intelequia to review the current performance of the site to check what user load it could tolerate in a high traffic scenario, as some issues had occurred in the past. The solution is a site based on the DNN Platform CMS in its Evoq Content version, hosted on-premise where CloudFlare was already being used for CDN management. 


A project that consisted in implementing a module to manage ticket bookings and making organizational improvements both internally, regarding productivity and cost reduction, as well as externally, regarding corporate image. From the customer´s point of view they have an easier and clearer management of their operations regarding booking, ticketing, billing and credit management.


Proexca started a project to update its web portal including technological improvements both internally and externally in order to increase productivity and reduce infrastructure costs.


With the idea of providing an easy way of searching and renting sports facilities online, Ipista emerged, a project developed in order to improve the management of sports facilities and renting of sport courts.


Hospiten Group is an international health network with more than 20 private medical-hospital centers. Their commitment to offering a modern corporate image and providing their clients with a high-quality service required updating their website and the deployment of a more intuitive content management system. The solution offered by Intelequia not only covered these, but also guaranteed their requirements in terms of scalability and security needed by a company like this.


ALD Automotive is the vehicle leasing and fleet management company of the Société Générale International Group. Given their requirements and needs they decided to place their trust in the solution suggested by Intelequia that consisted in developing a tailored DNN content management module to use data consumed by an API, integrating their original skin and maintaining its initial appearance.

Application Modernization with Microsoft Azure

If you want to know more about the possibilities to modernize your application you can contact us. Our team specialized in Microsoft Azure will offer you advice on the best solution for you. 

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