What does SOC as a Service allow you to do?

Intelequia's Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service enables your organization to meet unique global security and compliance challenges, 24x7 security monitoring, expert analyst security, advanced SIEM technology and threat defense.

Providing automated detection, protection and response.  

Our SOC-as-a-Service provides enterprises with security measures and provides complete visibility into their environments.

Our cybersecurity experts record, monitor and analyze the organization's security. Providing accurate threat intelligence and preventative measures on security breaches.  

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What does SOC as a Service allow you to do?
What services does our Operations Center include?

What services does our Operations Center include?

Vulnerability Detection and Management
Our SOC, is configured to detect and manage security breaches, through an early warning service thanks to real-time monitoring.  

Managed Security Services  
They are aimed at the administration and monitoring of infrastructure security. We will collect all relevant information for incident management and subsequent decision making.  

Brand Monitoring
Based on the monitoring of relevant information on the Internet associated with the brand in terms of phishing, malware or other threats.

Application Security
Detection of vulnerabilities in the source code, with the objective of recognizing technologies involved in its application.

Email Protection
Detection and scanning of corporate email for leaks or security threats, derived from employees' internet browsing.  

Specialized in Cloud Security
Our range of solutions and services are designed to generate a totally secure development and application environment thanks to the deployment in the cloud; where we can provide guarantees on the secure management with client and correct measurement of results.