Business Situation

iPista is a recently founded company that intended to develop a tool to manage sports facilities. Their goal was to dedicate their investments to provide an affordable technological solution that could be easily implemented and managed; the target market were P.E. professionals that worked at sports facilities or clubs and schools. From the beginning we planned to implement this tool on the cloud aiming to save infrastructure costs for all the clubs and schools, both in the public and private sector, and to help them better manage their facilities.

Additionally, this tool allowed individuals to make online reservations for different activities (courts, tournaments, etc.)

Provided Solution

The main idea was to offer a web portal to sports facilities. The portal is based on a powerful CMS tool, a highly scalable content management system DNN. CMS is the global leader in content management based on Microsoft technologies with more than 600,000 existing websites based on it. DNN is not only a CMS; it can also be extended to be used as an application development platform.

Some advantages of using a CMS were, among others, the independence from the provider (in this case we are talking about the open source version of DNN), the separation of design and contents. And that new modules could be added and/or custom modules could be developed. This allowed them to provide a marketing tool for online communication with customers, having a portfolio of solutions and services as well as promoting the organization. It also gave them an image of an innovative company based on top notch technology.

Business Benefits

Easy to use

Thanks to the possibility to work in teams and manage content. Some sites contained a huge amount of information and therefore the management of this information requires a team that is able to work together easily.

Scalable solution

It allows the site to grow continously increasing and improving its functionality by introducing custom modules and new content.


Levels of permissions according to the user, Azure maintenance policies and automatic backups ensure the reliability of the solution.


With DNN, the iPista ticket reservation platform can be implemented at the end customer level, adapting it to the requirements and brand image that the end customer needs.