Do you need to renew your perpetual licenses (Open License)?

Do you need to renew your perpetual licenses (Open License)?

Just a few weeks ago we told you about the transition to Microsoft's new licensing model NCE (New Commerce Experience), but for many organizations there was still a question: What would happen with the Open License model referred to as perpetual licenses? Here it goes

What is the Open License Program (OLP)?

The Open License Program (OLP) was created approximately 20 years ago so that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) could purchase different perpetual licenses of Microsoft software at a determined price per volume. 


On December 31, 2021, Microsoft will no longer sell perpetual licenses through this program.

How can I buy perpetual licenses from now on?

To purchase perpetual licenses you will need to contact your Microsoft CSP partner (Cloud Solution Provider).

Where do I download the keys for the perpetual licenses I purchase from my CSP partner?

Once the perpetual licenses are purchased through CSP, the keys will be available in the Microsoft 365 portal for any user in your company with an administrator profile.

What happens to my perpetual licenses purchased before December 31, 2021?

They will remain current and their keys available on your Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center web portal.

What if I have perpetual licenses with Software Assurance?

If you have perpetual licenses contracted under the Open License Program (OLP) and you have also contracted Software Assurance, you should know that when you have to renew the Software Assurance product (3 years duration) you must move the licenses to an Open Value or Open Value Subscription contract in which Software Assurance is included (it is not optional).

If you require any other clarification about Microsoft licensing, do not hesitate to contact us and our agents will provide you with personalized attention to your request. Intelequia is a Microsoft CSP partner.

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