How do you record incoming and outgoing documents in your organization?

How do you record incoming and outgoing documents in your organization?

Document management software and systems have become an indispensable tool for many institutions and public administrations in recent years, mainly due to the large number of documents, information and requests that must be processed daily by thousands of organizations throughout the country, but what is their main function?

What is a check-in and check-out software?

As we mentioned in the introduction, let's think about how institutions can manage and digitize all the documentation that enters and leaves their offices every day, and above all, how they can manage, distribute and classify this information in a totally secure way?, this is where a check-in and check-out software plays a very important role.

This type of software helps to improve the document management of any institution in a centralized way, allowing to integrate the automation of processes for the treatment of such information and connection with other applications.

Advantages of having document input and output software

The main advantages that these solutions can offer to any organization or public entity are:

  • Digitization for all documentation issued and received on paper.
  • Centralized administration and distribution of all incoming and outgoing records.
  • Document security for the entire organization
  • Customization of records and exports
  • Statistical control over all records

What functionalities should a check-in and check-out system contain?

A check-in and check-out system offers entities and users the following functionalities:

1. Centralized management of all documentation.

You will be able to have a document management program that allows you to manage, edit, authorize or sign any kind of documents in a centralized way.

2. Capture all types of documents

Any user will be able to register documents in the system via scanner, fax or images. These will be archived in the tool's electronic archive.

3. Report creation  

A document management software allows for an exhaustive search through the use of advanced filters that facilitate the detection and compilation of documents or files in a specific way through multiple associated fields.

4. Suitable for Multiple Records

Document management systems are prepared to store and manage different types of record processes. File management, accounting management, cadastral management or settlements, among others.

5. Documentary Protection and Security Standards.

These systems will allow you to have control and administration over the access of all members, also allowing you to distribute backup copies to the different users who will perform certain functions during this process.

Another of its particularities is the configuration of access to the data system by means of digital certificate or electronic ID.

6. Integration with e-mail and sending notifications

The check-in and check-out platform can be synchronized with e-mail such as Outlook to send alerts or notifications that inform when a check-in or check-out of any file occurs.

7. Automatic document generation

Document management software is configured to allow the generation of Word or PDF documents based on predefined templates.


Do you know Track?

Track is the Records Software for the input and output of all your organization's documentation developed by Intelequia to help you get a 360º view of your entire business in an easy and simplified way.

Now that we have seen how important it is to have a technological solution that controls all the documentary record so that any institution can receive and issue in paper or electronic format, do not hesitate to ask for more information and our team of consultants will be happy to assist you.


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