What is Microsoft Security Copilot? The AI that transforms cybersecurity

What is Microsoft Security Copilot? The AI that transforms cybersecurity

Microsoft Security Copilot is the first generative artificial intelligence solution for security, powered by OpenAI's GPT-4 technology, and was released on April 1 of this year.

In today's digital age, cybersecurity is more important than ever. According to Security Ventures, in 2023, a cyberattack will take place every 39 seconds. This, coupled with the countless number of false positives that experts have to review every day, leaves an undersized group of specialists to deal with attackers who use increasingly effective and sophisticated techniques.

The capacity of an IT security team will always be limited by team size and human limitations, such as fatigue, stress, or something as common as making a mistake. Security Copilot increases your defense team's capabilities with its ability to answer questions related to digital security, from the most basic to the most complex. 

What is Microsoft Security Copilot?

Microsoft Security Copilot, the first generative AI for security, allows users to search and receive information about threats in their network using natural language in real time.

It achieves this thanks to OpenAI's LLM (Large Language Model) technology, its specific model with information from several large-scale databases and the more than 78 trillion security signals processed by Microsoft. In addition, Security Copilot continuously learns from the cases in which it participates and can receive feedback from users, which will allow it to be always up-to-date with any new type of danger that may appear in the future. Microsoft also plans to expand its portfolio with different experiences to help users control AI and its risks.

How does Microsoft Security Copilot work?

When the user makes a request, Security Copilot determines the context of the request, executes a plan to analyze and combine the data it has and finally formats it to respond to the request in a natural language for the user in real time in order to deal with any potential threats as quickly as possible. 

Security Copilot also ensures that the user's data is kept private and secure, so it is protected by the best controls and the most comprehensive enterprise compliances.

Operaciones de seguridad Security Copilot

What products does Microsoft Copilot integrate with?

Microsoft's commitment to offering protection solutions that provide greater end-to-end visibility, control and governance is implicit in the Security Copilot portfolio, allowing it to integrate with various solutions, such as:

  • Microsoft Sentinel: For collecting security data and creating alerts from almost any source, including event management and intelligent security analytics.
  • Microsoft Defender XDR: Helping to prevent and detect cross-domain cyberattacks with the help of AI.
  • Microsoft Intune: To mitigate cyber threats on devices, protecting data and improving cross-cloud compliance with Copilot.
  • Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence: Aimed at protecting the infrastructure with threat intelligence, included in Copilot.
  • Microsoft Entra: For identity protection to any resource.
  • Microsoft Purview: Exploring governance, protection and compliance solutions for data, available from Copilot.

Main benefits of Microsoft Security Copilot:

  • Simplify the complex: With Security Copilot, defenders can respond to security incidents in minutes rather than hours or days thanks to its ability to quickly summarize any process or event.
  • Catching what others miss: Security Copilot displays prioritized threats in real time and anticipates a threat actor's next move with continuous reasoning, based on Microsoft's global threat intelligence.
  • Addressing the talent gap: One of its great benefits is having the ability to answer security-related questions, from the most basic to the most complex. Thanks to the use and application of AI, it continuously learns from the interactions of users and attackers.

What are your capabilities?

  • Custom Promptbooks: allow customers to create and save their own natural language prompts in the performance of common security tasks and workflows.
  • Multilingual Support: allowing you to respond in 8 different languages and support more than 25 languages in its interface.
  • Third-party integrations: you will be able to adapt to programs within your ecosystem, allowing you to play your role effectively in them.
  • Microsoft Entra audit logs and diagnostic logs: Providing additional information for a security investigation or IT problem analysis, summarized in natural language derived from the logs of a particular user or event.
  • Usage reports: provide information on how your teams are using Copilot so that you can identify further optimization opportunities.
  • Integration with Microsoft's security portfolio: generating efficiency gains based on the logs of billions of users.
  • A growing list of skills: allows you to become more effective over time in neutralizing possible attacks.
  • Specific security model: learns from each performance and feedback to improve its capabilities for the next threat.


What are the advantages and uses of Security Copilot for security analysts and IT administrators?

According to data from a recent study conducted by Microsoft, it shows that security professionals and their pace of work was 22% faster thanks to the help provided by Microsoft Security Copilot and they were 7% more accurate in all tasks while using it, and 97% of them said they wanted to use it again when they had to perform the same task of the test.  These results suggest that Security Copilot has become an indispensable tool for security specialists.

Security Copilot has many capabilities that make the job easier for users, such as security analysts, such as:

  • Searches from natural language.
  • Analyze scripts at the click of a button.
  • Create easy-to-understand incident reports for management.
  • Get information related to specific incidents.

In addition, IT administrators can also benefit from some of its utilities, such as:

  • Determine if a device complies with company policies.
  • Help in the configuration and management of new platforms.
  • Test how new policies will affect users.
  • Identify out-of-date devices.

Price and availability of Security Copilot

This multilingual solution is capable of processing requests and responding in eight different languages, with an interface that supports 25 different languages. This makes it suitable for the major geographic areas of North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Microsoft seeks to make security available to everyone, so it has implemented a pay-as-you-go licensing model for Copilot for Security. This approach makes the solution accessible to a wider range of organizations compared to other alternatives on the market. Thanks to this flexible, consumption-oriented pricing system, users can start using it quickly and scale their usage and costs according to their needs and budget.

If you want more information about Microsoft Security Copilot and the best solutions in computer security, do not hesitate to contact our team. We will be pleased to help you.


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