What is the OpenAI GPT Store? Get to know the innovative AI marketplace

What is the OpenAI GPT Store? Get to know the innovative AI marketplace

OpenAI has launched the GPT Store, a Microsoft-backed virtual platform offering custom artificial intelligence applications created by ChatGPT users. This novel space aims to facilitate the monetization of user creations, democratize access to artificial intelligence technology and expand OpenAI's ecosystem of more than 3 million specialized GPTs.

What is the GPT Store?

The GPT Store is a marketplace where ChatGPT users can create, share and discover customized artificial intelligence applications, called GPTs, very similar to other mobile operating systems such as Microsoft Store, Google Play or Apple Store. These apps cover a wide range of tasks, such as math teaching, sticker design, image generation and creative writing assistance, among others.

Main features of the GPT Store
Monetization and revenue program for GPT creators

The GPT Store gives AI app developers the ability to monetize their custom GPTs. OpenAI will implement a revenue program for GPT creators during the first quarter of the year, paying them based on user interaction with their apps.

Trends, GPT highlights and a wide range of applications

Users can explore the most popular and trending GPTs in the community ranking, grouped into categories of virtual assistants, image generation, coding aids; robotics or chatbots. OpenAI will highlight useful and impactful GPTs on a weekly basis, giving users the opportunity to discover novel and valuable applications.

GPT creation and sharing in the store

Users can create GPTs easily, with no programming skills required. To share a GPT in the store, they must meet certain requirements, such as saving their GPT in a way that is accessible to everyone, verifying their Builder profile, and abiding by the GPT brand usage policies and guidelines. In addition, data provided to ChatGPT will not be sent to OpenAI, thus eliminating the risk of data of an internal corporate nature being made public by mistake.

GPT Store for Team and Enterprise customers

The GPT Store will also be available to ChatGPT Team and Enterprise customers, providing access to a private section of the store that includes securely published GPTs in their corresponding workspaces. ChatGPT Enterprise customers will have enhanced administrative controls.

With more than 3 million bots developed so far since the GPT Builder program was announced, this innovative space has the potential to change the way we interact with technology and expand the boundaries of what artificial intelligence can achieve.

What novel and interesting applications will emerge in the GPT Store? Time will tell, but there is no doubt that we are in for an exciting breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence.

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