Intelequia Best Innovation Partner at the IAMCP Spain Awards

Intelequia Best Innovation Partner at the IAMCP Spain Awards

We are in luck, as Intelequia has been awarded the prize for Best Innovation Partner during the XIV edition of the Annual Congress of the International Association of Microsoft Partners (IAMCP) held in Bilbao last week. The event, which was attended by more than 70 leading companies in the IT sector nationwide, was full of news from the Microsoft environment, top-level presentations, and networking spaces and alliances between partners.

Intelequia's nomination for this prestigious award was based on the success story "Clio, the AI capable of bringing the Acropolis to life." This project, developed in collaboration with Cosmote, a leading telecommunications company in Greece, consists of an innovative virtual assistant based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allows users to explore the Acropolis and its historical monuments through an application that combines Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and AI.

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Cosmote, aware of the challenge of sharing the cultural and historical heritage of Greece to guarantee its future and promote its digital inclusion with users around the world, relied on Intelequia's AI team to develop Clio, a virtual assistant capable of answering more than 14,000 questions in Greek and English. The project, carried out in partnership with the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports and the technological contribution of Moptil, promotes the digital inclusion of Greek history and culture, guaranteeing its future and bringing it closer to users worldwide.

Carmen M. Martín López, CEO of Intelequia, was in charge of accepting the award at the event. During her remarks, she highlighted the importance of this milestone for the company, the pride of her team, and the constant pursuit of innovation for the benefit of its customers. "This recognition is a reflection of the effort and dedication of our team, who work every day to offer innovative and cutting-edge solutions to our customers. Innovation is part of our DNA, and this award reinforces our commitment to excellence."

AI occupies an important place in the current business landscape, and Intelequia is immersed in this framework, with a highly specialized team in this area. Therefore, this award emphasizes Intelequia's commitment to innovation and the constant improvement of its services, positioning it as a benchmark in the technology sector and highlighting its dedication to AI and other emerging technologies.

Of course, the entire Intelequia team will continue to work towards innovation and the development of solutions that contribute to the success of our customers, reaffirming its leadership in the field of digital transformation.