New Collaboration Agreement between Aurum Rooms, ColaborAC and Grupo Intelequia

This agreement allows the tourism and hotel sector to easily access technological tools, the implementation of processes and information on the necessary funding in line with the Roadmap drawn up by Europe.

The spirit of technological approach to the tourism and hotel sectors has been the nexus that has allowed formalizing the new collaboration agreement between Aurum Rooms, ColaborAC Consultoría en Subvenciones, and Grupo Intelequia for the strategic and commercial enhancement of its products, solutions and services generating additional value to the demands required in this sector. 

The entities share a common interest in working mutual knowledge management being aware of the problems of the sector, in terms of the degree of digitization, the lack of knowledge of ICTs, as well as changes in the profiles and changes in the channels they use for decision making.  

This agreement allows the sector to easily access technological tools, the implementation of processes and information on the necessary financing. The ultimate goal is for our hotel and tourism sector to make the most of investment and financing, in a coherent, sustainable manner and in line with the Roadmap drawn up by Europe, which highlights the importance of increasing the competitiveness of our companies, their safety and resilience. 
Each of the parties has expressed particular enthusiasm in formalizing this agreement in order to facilitate collaboration between their technical and commercial teams, in order to meet the current needs of the national and international tourism ecosystem. 

Alberto Molowny, General Manager of ColaborAC Consultoría en Subvenciones, Enrique González Hernández, General Manager of Aurum Rooms, and Carmen M. de Martín López, General Manager of Grupo Intelequia have been responsible for closing this collaboration agreement last Friday, March 4th, to offer global solutions to help the hotel and tourism sector.

About Aurum Rooms: 

AURUM Rooms: Spanish company based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, whose activity is focused on hotel management, marketing and sales management in independent hotels. Advice and accompaniment. 

About ColaborAC Consultancy in Subsidies: 

COLABORAC Consultoría en Subvenciones: Spanish consulting company specialized in the comprehensive management of multisectoral public subsidies applicable in the Canary Islands, for entrepreneurs, companies and other entities.

About Intelequia Group: 

It is a group of technology companies composed of Intelequia and Hotelequia, which develop, distribute and market ICT solutions in the cloud, specializing in Azure, Artificial Intelligence (chatbots) and Cybersecurity, as well as collaboration and productivity tools for the sector.

They collaborate with:

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