Our services allow you to overcome your most important challenges in the field of technology towards a correct business transformation.

Our team shares development tasks and operations.

We offer services where code is shared and the infrastructure is supervised, ensuring the systems are covered by a complete maintenance and management.

Experts in DNN Platform.

As DNN Platform experts we will teach you from basic content management, portal management concepts, platform design and architecture.

We help build powerful business processes and solutions.

We accompany our clients through every part of the process to create strategies that are benefitial for the team and company.

Training that empowers people.

We offer ad-hoc and official training. Our courses are designed for the specific needs of each client.

Released DNN Azure AD B2C Provider v1.2
Hello folks. After building some sites with the new DNN Azure AD B2C provider, some new features have been being added over the last months, so is time to package them into a new re...
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Pon a raya el monstruo que Teams lleva dentro.(Chatbot-Parte 4)
Vanesa ( @VanesaGC_Flow ) y yo ( @guanberdolfo ) te contamos cómo configurar un chatbot hecho en Bot Framework con Microsoft Teams.
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Pon a raya el monstruo que Teams lleva dentro (Flow - Parte 3)
Héctor ( @guanberdolfo ) y yo ( @VanesaGC_Flow ) te contamos cómo crear un conector personalizado en Flow y cómo crear un flujo que crea un equipo
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Pon a raya el monstruo que Teams lleva dentro (Graph y Postman - Parte 2)
Héctor ( @guanberdolfo ) y yo ( @VanesaGC_Flow ) mostramos cómo conectar Microsoft Graph con Postman
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