Our services allow you to overcome your most important challenges in the field of technology towards a correct business transformation.

Our team shares development tasks and operations.

We offer services where code is shared and the infrastructure is supervised, ensuring the systems are covered by a complete maintenance and management.

Experts in DNN Platform.

As DNN Platform experts we will teach you from basic content management, portal management concepts, platform design and architecture.

We help build powerful business processes and solutions.

We accompany our clients through every part of the process to create strategies that are benefitial for the team and company.

Training that empowers people.

We offer ad-hoc and official training. Our courses are designed for the specific needs of each client.

Bonos para la transformación digital de la empresa canaria 2020, una oportunidad única
Subvenciona el proyecto que tanto deseas con los Bonos para la Transformación Digital de la Empresa Canaria. ⬆️ ¡Con esta ayuda tu negocio despegará! ✅
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Lleva tu negocio a otro nivel con los INNOBONOS 2020
Los negocios canarios pueden alcanzar otro nivel con los INNOBONOS 2020. ⬆️ ¡Aprovecha esta subvención en forma de bonos de innovación y sigue creciendo! ✅
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Microsoft 365 y las 21 competencias digitales
Microsoft anunció hace unos días la versión gratuita de Teams. Es una jugada estratégica por varios motivos. Una de ellas es que esta herramienta se presupone que descatalogará a Sk...
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Using custom claim mappings on DNN Azure AD module
With the arrival of the DNN Azure AD v4.0.x module, lot of new settings have been introduced to support scenarios that were already resolved with the twin mo...
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