Your PBX in the Cloud

Your cloud-based phone system.  With Microsoft Teams you can call, chat, meet and collaborate from a single application. You can work with Microsoft Teams as if it were a PBX.

Receive calls and improve the quality of your customer relationships thanks to this functionality available on any device. 

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Your PBX in the Cloud

What are the advantages of working with a Virtual PBX?

No physical infrastructure required, work directly from the cloud with any device wherever you are and pay as you need

Simple and intuitive configuration and adaptation process to facilitate the work of the IT department.

Forget about working with separate helpdesk solutions. Enjoy a unified communication environment and take advantage of all the collaborative tools of the Microsoft 365 environment.

Voice PBX security is intimately tied to identity security.  Teams virtual PBX access and security policies are built on top of the Azure Active Directory of the customer's Microsoft 365 Tenant enabling the services encompassed in Microsoft Defender for 365.

Teams allows you to work with an all-in-one solution, synchronizing your PBX with Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to schedule and access your calls quickly and easily with just one click away.

Configure dashboards and advanced reports on your activity to improve your operational efficiency at the commercial, customer service or service level.

Integrate all communication with your network with Virtual PBXs in Microsoft Teams

What does a virtual PBX offer you compared to a physical PBX?

A SaaS service

Teams voice PBXs work as a SaaS (Software as a Service) and you can enjoy all the typical functionalities of call queuing, call transfers or call parking, auto attendants and even different ways of handling calls between groups of agents from any mobile device or PC, no matter where you are.

Integration of your physical switchboards with the Teams PBX

There are many company profiles that do not want to or cannot let go of their physical PBX. In this case, it is possible to integrate the Teams PBX with the physical PBX. In this way, calls answered from an old desktop phone could be transferred to a Teams user or vice versa.  

You can remain connected to your current telephone operator

Sometimes, you may have negotiated a special tariff with your operator so that, if required, you can connect your Teams PBX to your current operator so that calls to mobiles or landlines made or received from Teams are routed or billed and the minutes are billed by your telecommunications operator.

Think of the savings 

You no longer need to invest in infrastructure and maintenance costs. Now you can enjoy a service hosted in the cloud with which you only pay for your consumption, no surprises!