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DNN Corp.

Cloud computing


At DNN Corp. they were looking for a partner specialized in cloud computing to deploy their CMS (content management system) in the cloud in order to maximize flexibility and scalability of their product and minimizing costs at the same time.Read More


Infrastructure renovation


Imprenta Bonnet is a company with over 100 years of experience in the graphic arts sector. They adapt and reinvent themselves in line with market needs, and it is for this constantly evolving to provide the best service to its customers Bonnet decided to migrate their tools to the cloud.Read More


Custom Nav to cloud integration


Due to the company's growing expansion in several countries and with the aim of providing the best service to its customers, Auxadi decided to migrate its tools to the cloud, adding in this way, great improvements in both cost savings and greater use of the resources.Read More


Migration to the cloud

Office 365

Pushing for cloud computing Femete decided to migrate their tools to the cloud what allowed them to provide state of the art technology and make big improvements both for their staff and for their partners through the services they offer.Read More


Portal for external promotions


Proexca started a project to update its web portal including technological improvents both internally and externally in order to increase productivity and reduce infrastructural costs.Read More


Portal for managing sports facilities


With the steady idea of providing an easy way of searching and renting facilities online for all their customers emerged iPista, a project developed in order to improve the management of sports facilities and the renting of their courts.Read More