Portal for external promotions

Proexca started a project to update its web portal including technological improvents both internally and externally in order to increase productivity and reduce infrastructural costs.


Santa Cruz de Tenerife / Las Palmas de Gran Canaria




Business Situation

At Proexca they needed a tool that would ensure that the users (companies/professionals) had access to up to date information of services tailored to their needs and therefore the tool should allow to easily and autonomously produce content, without programming knowledge, and additionaly it should be scalable and allow the teams to work together easily. And, of course, it had to be ready for social network management.

The company´s goal of changing the tool for managing their website´s content is adding value for the visitors/companies interested in the different services Proexca offers.

Provided Solution

The proposed solution was to to rely on a highly scalable and powerful content management system, DNN. This CMS is the global leader of management systems based on Microsoft technology with more than 700,000 existing websites using this CMS. DNN is not only a CMS but it can also be extended to be used as an application development platform.

Some advantages of using a CMS were, among others, the indepency from the provider, the separation of design and contents. And that new modules could be added and/or custom modules could be developed. It allowed them to provide a marketing tool for online communication with the customers, having a portfolio of solutions and services as well as promoting the organization. It also gave them an image of an innovative company based on top notch technology.

Business Benefits

  • Produce content easily without programming knowledge.

  • It gives a group of people the possibility to work in teams and manage the content. Some sites contain a huge amount of information and therefore the management of this information requires a team that is able to work together easily.

  • Data access control according to the user types.

  • Possibility to implement custom modules to extend the functionality of the site.

  • Scalability. It allows the site to grow continously increasing and improving its functionality.
  • Separates content from design. This separation allows redesigning both the structure and the graphical interface without affecting the information of the site.

  • Development time. Developing with DNN makes common tasks easier and therefore the time spent in executing these tasks is less and this is reflected in the total development time of the site.

  • Community. DNN has a community in the back that gives support in answering questions.

  • It can be implemented both in the traditional as well as in the cloud computing model.

Due to all these advantages the customer opted for a technology partner like Intelequia, specialists in DNN, to implement this highly scalable CMS as a future investment. Thus, they are prepared to continue growing and always guaranteeing the best quality in the offered services.